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The Best WordPress SEO Plugins

According to data tracking surveys, businesses in the United States spent roughly $79.27 billion on search engine optimization (SEO) services in 2020. It isn’t hard to see why.

SEO has a low barrier to entry. And, it offers a potentially excellent return on investment. Some SEO tools are free to implement, while others boast a 500% ROI on every dollar spent. 

WordPress SEO plugins are a type of SEO tool that’s easy to use, and typically free or low-cost.

In this guide, discover some of the best WordPress SEO tools on the market today. And, learn which tools are right for your business’ online presence. 


Why Use SEO Optimization?

Studies consistently show investing in SEO services is one of the best long-term investments when it comes to digital marketing—largely because it targets organic search.

An effective SEO strategy means when potential customers search for a product or service you offer online—be it through Google, Amazon, or social media sites—your site shows up in their search results near the top. 

SEO tools are great to drive business to your online store or eCommerce site. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, local SEO can help people find your restaurant or shop when searching for “_____near me.”

If you want people to read your essays or donate to your cause, SEO can drive that traffic to you too. 

That said, not all SEO tools and services are created equal.

Services, in particular, ought to be tailored to your goals and audience, as well as to your budget. It’s worthwhile to do the research and get more info. Doing your homework will help you decide the types of SEO services that are right for you.

How to do SEO on WordPress?

WordPress is a very user-focused platform. It offers four built-in options that help site owners improve their SEO and search ranking. These tools include:

  • Automatic XML sitemaps
  • Free SSL certificates
  • On-page SEO tools (metadata support, etc.)
  • Google Analytics integration

WordPress also publishes troubleshooting guides. Even with WordPress guides and tools, though, third-party plugins can still give your site a boost. 

Different plugins improve your site’s search rankings with different tactics, so it’s important to choose the ones that are right for your site. 

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

When it comes to SEO plugins, there are three standout tools. Any of these tools can help you improve your site’s quality and draw in warm leads. Which one will help you improve your site’s rank?

Best WordPress SEO Plugin for Local Restaurants and Retailers: Schema

The Schema WordPress plugin helps you optimize your site and pages by adding its unique structure markup. This makes your listing in search results more appealing and readable.

It also offers specific markups tailored to different businesses, and businesses can often set up and optimize local SEO content in as little as two minutes.

The popular Five Star Restaurant Reviews plugin uses the markup to integrate happy customers’ five-star reviews into your potential customers’ search results page. 

Best WordPress SEO Plugin for Scale and Ease-of-Use: AIOSEO

The All In One SEO (AIOSEO) plugin is popular for its easy-to-use complete site audit. The AIOSEO plugin analyzes all pages on your site for potential SEO improvements. Then, it offers straightforward recommendations.

AIOSEO incorporates advanced metadata support, many integration options, and tools tailored to uniquely support different types of content, publishing, and eCommerce pages. 

AIOSEO also automatically generates and submits sitemaps to major search engines (including Google).

This makes it easier for those engines’ web crawlers to read, evaluate, and index your site—critical to improving your site’s SERPs rank. 

Best FREE WordPress SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO improves your site’s appeal to both web crawlers and readers. It is easily the best of all the free WordPress plugins for SEO. 

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin offers easy-to-implement recommendations to improve both metadata and content. It also offers design suggestions. Beginners often benefit from Yoast’s tutorials. 

Entrepreneur and Tech Strategies—and More

With the right WordPress SEO plugins, you can boost your website’s rank in search results. This is a great marketing investment. And, it’s a great way to bring the audience you actually want to your site.

Want more tips and tricks to level up your skills? Check out more posts in our content library. 

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