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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Spreadsheets

Did you know that about 750 million people in the world use Excel?

Spreadsheets are one of the most undervalued resources for personal and business use. However, if you’re not currently using spreadsheets, you could be missing out on several benefits that could bring ease and structure to your life.

If you’re tired of scrambled data or reports that take hours and hours, it might be time to tap into this powerful resource.

Read on to learn five reasons to take scrambled thoughts or numbers and start storing data in spreadsheets.


1. Get Organized

One of the best reasons to make a spreadsheet is that it makes it easy to organize different data in one spot. 

Personal budgets and company data configuration can pull all pertinent information together in one sheet. Doing so allows you to get organized, track past and future data, have one landing place for data reference.

Excel spreadsheets have almost endless rows and columns, allowing one spreadsheet to store large amounts of information.

2. Integrate With Other Programs

If your business utilizes a client relations management (CRM) tool, one of the many benefits of spreadsheets is integration.

Integration works well with a program like Google Sheets. Your CRM system may be able to connect to Google Sheets through a platform like Zapier to export or import spreadsheets. 

In doing so, make sure that the columns and rows line up with the data inside your CRM to ensure a successful import or export. Use a guide to Excel file types to know which spreadsheet types to use for this purpose.

3. Save Time With Preset Formulas and Functions

Don’t become overwhelmed by all the features or formulas of Excel. Streamline your calculations and use a spreadsheet with preset formulas and functions. 

If cells in a row or column need the same formula, it is time-consuming to apply a formula to each cell individually. Save yourself some time and headache by adding attributes to the cells to automatically add the values required through a preset spreadsheet formula.

Many spreadsheet programs even have templates to save you time setting up your spreadsheet. If you thought using spreadsheets was tricky or time-consuming, you need to find the right way to use them for your needs with these formulas.

Spreadsheet preset functions help you get the accurate results you need in a shorter amount of time.

4. Generate Reports and Charts

Other spreadsheet tips can include utilizing report and chart building within Excel. Especially for visual learners, creating charts could be particularly helpful in gauging the overall health or growth of the business.

Run a report before your next meeting through your spreadsheet. Use a pivot table to gather the appropriate data to present to the members of your team who need it.

5. Use It for Many Purposes

The best part about using spreadsheets is how versatile they are.

Create receipts or invoices, track your family’s savings for a vacation, or set a plan for debt reduction. At work, utilize spreadsheets for data or trend forecasting and set appropriate goals.

Use templates, formulas, sheets, and presets to give you the most valuable spreadsheet for your data organization.

Using Spreadsheets to Benefit Your Personal and Professional Life

Spreadsheets are such a flexible tool for personal and professional needs. If you haven’t created your first spreadsheet, start with a smaller project like a personal budget to get the hang of using the tool.

If you found this article beneficial for your business and in your everyday life, check out the rest of our blog for other tech tips and resources.

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