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Do You Recognize These Child Stars? You Won’t Believe Where They Went

The 2019 hit movie Judy showed how even the biggest stars can be affected for years after being a child performer. But does the same fate befall all child stars?

Some grow into successful actors, taking the time to successfully transition between childhood and adulthood. Stars like Natalie Portman or Leonardo DiCaprio are just two big names that were able to make it both as kids and as adults.

What about those big names you knew way back when but haven’t heard for a while? If you’re curious as to where the stars from your childhood went, keep reading to learn what they’re up to now.


Lisa Loring: the Original Wednesday Addams

You might have grown up with The Addams Family movies with Christina Ricci. However, the original TV show was where the OG goth girl, Wednesday Addams, first came to life.

Lisa, a model since the age of three, was picked to play the iconic Wednesday. Since then, she’s played Cricket Montgomery on As the World Turns and appeared at Comic Con.

Macaulay Culkin: the Face of the 90s

Who can forget that iconic scream in the Christmas hit Home Alone when Kevin uses his dad’s aftershave? After that movie and its sequel, there was no bigger child star of the 90s than Macaulay Culkin.

He’s kept a low profile since 2003, dating a few actresses off and on since then and playing in his band. Expect to see him in the 10th season of American Horror Story.

Dante Basco: Lost and Found Boy

Remember the movie Hook where Peter Pan goes back to Neverland as an adult? He finds out rough and tumble Rufio is running the show now.

Dante Basco brought that iconic bad boy to life and since then, he’s stayed in the game voicing characters in Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Zachery Ty Bryan: Home Improvements and More

Zachery Ty Bryan was one of the biggest child TV stars as Brad on Home Improvement. He started out in print and TV ads, landed a spot on a huge 90s TV program, and now is finding direction by producing television projects and more.

He hasn’t given up acting entirely, getting cast as Thor in SyFy channel’s TV movie Hammer of the GodsTake a look at what he and his other costars have been up to at the link.

Susan Olsen: Cindy Brady Moves On

Who could forget adorable Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch? As the youngest member of the clan, she charmed viewers with her sweet and precocious attitude.

Since the show ended, Susan Olsen has moved on. Switching careers, she became a graphic designer and also teaches acting to the next crop of young stars.

Child Stars: Where are They Now?

Did you find the familiar face you were wondering about? There are many more child stars that still burn brightly and others that have fizzled out.

Still feeling curious? Explore more of the world of entertainment, business, technology, and more with our up-to-the-minute news articles!

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