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Everything to Know About Being Stationed in Hawaii

You’ve just received the most amazing news—you’re being stationed in Hawaii!

Aloha and welcome to one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, a relocation to Hawaii isn’t all palm trees and pina coladas–it can be complex and confusing, as life in Hawaii is very different than elsewhere.

To learn more, keep reading to find our Hawaii moving guide for military personnel—it’s sure to help you plan your move.


Think About Your Housing Preferences

One of your biggest decisions is deciding if you want to live on the military base or in off-base housing.

Many families love to live off-base, as it’s a fun way to immerse yourself in your new community. Living off-base can also help you separate your career from your home life.

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that living in Hawaii is expensive, with military arrivals often surprised by the cost of rent. Luckily, the military is aware of this, so the BAH for Hawaii is one of the highest.

Research Schools in Advance

If you’re moving to Hawaii with your family, we recommend doing plenty of research on local schools. You can find both public and private schools in Hawaii, both offering a high quality of education.

With so many military families living in Hawaii, it should be easy for your children to make new friends and settle in.

We recommend looking for a school close to where you’ll be living. Traffic in Hawaii can be horrible, so living close to your children’s school can save you plenty of time each day.

Be Prepared for High Prices

The cost of living in Hawaii can be very high, so be prepared! Being a chain of remote islands, nearly everything is imported, leading to higher costs than you’d find on the mainland.

You might find yourself paying more for groceries and household items, so it can help to shop from local markets, enjoying fresh produce. This can often be more affordable than purchasing from grocery stores.

You’ll Love the Lifestyle

One of the best things about moving to Hawaii is the lifestyle! Tropical weather, the world’s best beaches, and plenty to see and do—you can never get bored living in Hawaii.

Whether you enjoy snorkeling, swimming, surfing, golf, or shopping, you can find it all on the Hawaiian islands. Luckily, there are plenty of free activities to enjoy also.

Make the Most of Your Time in Hawaii With These Tips

If you’re being stationed in Hawaii, you’re sure to love it! Yes, it can be hard being so far away from home, but you and your family will settle in quickly.

A move is always easier if you’re prepared, so we recommend doing plenty of research, working out everything you need to do before you relocate. This will help your arrival in Hawaii go as smoothly as possible!

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