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Expanding Your Mind: The Best Educational Apps for Adults in 2021

Have you been finding yourself mindlessly flipping through apps? Are you looking for a better way to spend your free time? Well, why not take advantage of that amazing little device that you have in your hand? That’s right; your phone can give you access to tons of useful information to expand your mind. Let’s take a look at some of the best educational apps in 2021!



Games are a great way to help incentivize you to educate yourself. When you’re having fun, you can distract yourself from what you’re working on.

Memrise is a gamified language learning app that lets you learn real-world phrases from locals. On Memrise, your avatar is an astronaut going on a journey to learn a new language. As you learn, your pet alien grows and evolves with you.

Best Educational Apps with Bite-Sized Digests

Some apps use bite-sized digests to help you learn information. This type of learning is known as “microlearning.”

Nerdish, for example, is a great app to know more. With Nerdish, every week, you can learn something new in under 20 minutes. All articles on Nerdish are designed for effortless reading. Within the app, every key point is interlinked to others. This helps you gain comprehensive knowledge that is easily remembered.

Blinkist is a similar app, but it summarizes non-fiction books. With Blinkist, the goal is to be able to digest a full book in only 15 minutes. On Blinkist, you can either read or listen to the key ideas from non-fiction bestsellers.

User-Created Content

Sometimes the most knowledgeable people are other users! YouTube is one of the largest platforms of user-created content. This can be a little hit-or-miss sometimes, though, so it’s good to vet out which YouTubers’ information you find the most helpful.

Udemy is another app with user-created content, although access to this site isn’t free. Qualified users can upload courses on a variety of topics, including:

  • software and web development
  • business and financial analysis
  • graphic design
  • time management
  • emotional intelligence

General Learning Apps

Many general education websites also have apps to make it easier for you to learn while you’re on the go.

Coursera is one such app where you can get personalized recommendations to further your personal or professional goals. Coursera has courses that can be completed in as little as one day. There are options for both business professionals and students. Coursera provides access to free courses from the world’s top universities and companies. Due to its versatility, Coursera is one of the top learning apps available. Some examples of topics covered are:

  • coding languages
  • Microsoft Office
  • project management
  • cybersecurity
  • content writing
  • communication skills
  • human resources

Khan Academy is another general learning app that covers a variety of subjects such as:

  • math
  • science and engineering
  • arts
  • humanities
  • history and social studies
  • economics

What Are You Waiting For?

Alright, now you’ve read about a bunch of great apps to help expand your mind. Are you sold on the amazing benefits of educational apps? If so, what are you waiting for? Give any of the companies from this list of best educational apps a chance, and you’ll be sure to expand your mind.

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