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The Complete Guide to Spiritual Numbers: Everything to Know

According to some research, 27% of people would consider themselves spiritual but not religious.

If you’re spiritual, you may be interested in what the different spiritual numbers mean as well.

If you want to know what the spiritual meaning of numbers can be, keep reading!


What Are Spiritual Numbers?

Spiritual numbers are numbers that came from angels and light beings. They are used to break down complex ideas that we can understand and comprehend. 

The angels tell us that our universe is connected to math and geometry, which is the easiest form to understand the secrets of the universe. The numbers that you always see are a code to your cellular memory to help awaken your higher consciousness. 

When you can do that, you’ll open a more spiritual heart and mind which can enhance your life. 

Throughout time, there have been many articles, books, and hypotheses about what these spiritual number sequences mean. We use them as a reference to numerical energy from a higher being as a sort of secret code. 

When you see any of the numbers listed below, it’s important to take a step back and try and figure out what the numbers are trying to tell you. You have to be ready to receive their meaning. 


The number one is a pure number. It represents all life that has been untainted, but it can also mean the start of a new beginning. 

This number might occur in your life within a certain time frame, and it may be signaling you that it’s time to start something new. 


The number 111 is also significant. It’s known as the “karmic master,” and it’s connected to attraction and manifestation. This can mean independence, motivation, new beginnings, and more.

It can be a friendly reminder that your feelings and thoughts might be manifesting in a certain way, and you need to pay attention to them. 

You could harness this attention to make a new change in your life. 


222 is the number known as “Shine Your Light.” When you see this number, you’re supposed to forge ahead with good luck. It also is meant to give you empowerment and charisma.

When you see this number, the universe is trying to tell you to shine in a unique way. It’s also important to remember that you are capable of shining.

This could be a clue that you need to leave a mark whether it’s through your personal life or through a career. The angels are telling you that you should have the confidence to keep moving forward. 


The number 333 will resonate with your energy. Angels and people who have made an impact on the world will send this number to people who they are trying to help.

So when you see this, then it means the masters who ascended are watching over you. It means that you should tap into creative talents and express yourself in a grand way. The masters in the spiritual world will have your back.


The 414 angel number meaning signifies that you need to surround yourself with positive energy and people. 

This number is also in the Bible and signifies that you should try and remove all the negative energy that’s in your life. Focus on bringing in positivity.

When you eliminate all negativity from your life, you’ll be able to open all kinds of new opportunities that can change your life all because you paid attention to this one number.


While this number normally has a negative, satanic connotation to it, there’s actually an important message hidden in it. The angels send it as a reminder to help regain your balance. 

Many people will see this number when you sleep, and it may even disrupt your sleeping patterns. The number will ask you to quiet your mind and focus on being good to your body.

It’s also a reminder to always do the right thing even when no one is watching. You should speak kindly to others and always be generous.

Love the people around you and be gentle with people that you have issues with. 

This number is a gentle reminder that you might need to focus on certain aspects of your life and improve them. It’s not always a warning or demonic number.


While many people might recognize this number as the emergency number to dial, it’s also used by the angels as an encouragement to pursue a path as a lightworker. 

A lightworker is someone who designates their life to help others. They’ll also try and raise the consciousness of the planet. When you open your mind and heart to everyone around us, then you’ll be able to do the work that the higher powers wanted you to do. 

When you follow this path, you’ll get many rewards, and you’ll have good karmic energy come back for you. This mission is connected to your soul, and it’ll get you closer to what you were put on earth to achieve.

Learn More About How to Read Spiritual Numbers

These are only a few things to know about how to read spiritual numbers, but there are many more numbers out there that have important meanings.

You’re not the only one who has been looking at the symbolism of numbers; many people have been studying and wondering about this for years.

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