Hillary Fundraising Update: Norman Hsu Is A Fugitive

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money

The story is getting bigger…and weirder.

Yesterday I wrote about the Paws, a seemingly lower middle class family that inexplicably gave Hillary Clinton $45,000 in campaign contributions and over $200,000 to Dem causes.

Odd, right? Well, what’s even more suspect is that a fundraiser named Norman Hsu has previously claimed the family’s address as his place of residence, and the contributions from the family to Hillary came at approximately the same time, and in the same amounts, as Hsu’s contributions.

Today I find out that not only had Norman Hsu agreed to serve three years for grand theft swindling charges, he did so 15 years ago. That’s right…he’s been on the run for 15 years, but 3 years ago he popped up in Democratic circle and has been raising money for Dems.

Hillary and other Dems have been taking campaign contributions from a known fugitive?

WASHINGTON — For the last 15 years, California authorities have been trying to figure out what happened to a businessman named Norman Hsu, who pleaded no contest to grand theft, agreed to serve up to three years in prison and then seemed to vanish.

“He is a fugitive,” Ronald Smetana, who handled the case for the state attorney general, said in an interview. “Do you know where he is?”

Hsu, it seems, has been hiding in plain sight, at least for the last three years.

So what about the money?

He’s pledged to raise $100,000 for Clinton this year and has helped raise over $1,000,000 during the last 36 months for Democratic causes. Oh, and he also contributed to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Edward Kennedy and Dianne Feinstein, as well as other Democrats and causes.

LA Times also reports that Hillary’s campaign spokesperson said this about Hsu’s funds…

“We have no reason to call his contributions into question or to return them.”

Hmm, you sure about that?

Here’s Hsu explanation…he didn’t know he was a fugitive:

On Tuesday, E. Lawrence Barcella Jr. — a Washington lawyer who represents the Democratic fundraiser — confirmed that Hsu was the same man who was involved in the California case. Barcella said his client did not remember pleading to a criminal charge and facing the prospect of jail time. Hsu remembers the episode as part of a settlement with creditors when he also went through bankruptcy, Barcella said.

What, did he forget he had to serve three years in jail?

Also, it looks like Hsu has employed one of the Paws to work for one of his companies.

More as it develops…

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6 Responses to “Hillary Fundraising Update: Norman Hsu Is A Fugitive”

  1. mw Says:

    right now Hillary is on her knee’s and saying “Thank You Lord!” for Larry Craig. I think Donklephant is the only blog covering this story.

  2. Hadrian Wall Says:

    He agreed to serve Up to Three years in jail. Was he ever sentenced?

  3. wizinit Says:

    Please stay on top of this one and let me know where it goes. I will help get the word out.

  4. vwcat Says:

    he stars to become very political and gives wads of cash to democrats and democratic functions and becomes the biggest fundraiser for clinton and all this started 3 years ago. Wasn’t he convicted and became a fugitive about that time????

  5. Jack Cassidy Says:

    Check out Narman Hsu’s connection to Perfect Investments LLC.
    He may be running a Ponzi Scheme right now in OC.

  6. Jack Cassidy Says:

    The Democratic Committee in Orange County
    Samantha Wolf at the Clinton Campaign and
    Senator Mark Pryor, were all notified of Norman’s activities in June.
    Norman is most likely running a bridge loan Ponzi scheme in California.
    The OC DA and the Police Department of The City of Orange brush this off.
    “The fraud guys do not work on Friday”.

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