Texas Caucuses a Complete Mess

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Democrats, Texas

The Texas Democratic Party has seriously embarrassed itself tonight as the caucuses have been a complete disaster. Reports include voters shut out because of fire code violations, ridiculously long waits, too few ballots, police called out to calm crowds and numerous voting irregularities. Did they not think people were going to show up for the most important presidential primary/caucus in recent state history?

The state party seriously needs to reconsider this two-step system. It’s already asking a lot for voters to show up to the polls for a primary vote and then show up again for a caucus. How many parents with childcare issues and how many workers who couldn’t get away from their jobs were disenfranchised today? And then the party can’t even run these things smartly and quickly? Unacceptable.

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2 Responses to “Texas Caucuses a Complete Mess”

  1. mw Says:


  2. Judy Taylor Says:

    The democratic party seriously needs to investigate these caucuses.
    My experience was total chaos if not illegal. There was no verification to determine if the poeple voting were even qualified. Very sad, considering the heavy 1/3rd vote this carries. Others I spoke to seemed to have the same experience. This was a total joke.

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