Bill Clinton Was On Rush Limbaugh’s Show The Day Before TX Primaries

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Billary, Democrats, Hillary, Partisan Hacks, Republicans, Texas

I missed it (obviously), but here are the details (audio here) …

Apparently Rush had a guest host that day because he was “sick.” Heh, okay…

Folks, this is an ex-President! That is absolutely nuts! But he apparently wanted to get all those ditto heads to come vote for Hillary so she could stay in the race.

Sully has some choice words…

Now just wrap your mind around this: the Clintons were happy to support a cynical, partisan Republican campaign to wound the Democratic front-runner, and they were brazen enough to go on the Limbaugh show to do so.

There also seems little doubt that Republican mischief played a real role in affecting the results. And they call Obama’s call for them to release their tax returns a tactic worthy of Ken Starr. I repeat: the chutzpah and the cynicism just leave you speechless. And as you find it impossible to do much but splutter, the Clintons plow on with new self-serving lies.

And to think she made an issue of Obama’s mention of Ronald Reagan, as if he were some Republican in Democrat’s clothing.

The “do and say anything” crew strikes again.

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4 Responses to “Bill Clinton Was On Rush Limbaugh’s Show The Day Before TX Primaries”

  1. Independent Liberal » Dittoheads Exploding Says:

    [...] Justin is loving the irony.  Ditto (no pun intended).  More at memeorandum.         [...]

  2. TerenceC Says:

    Does anyone doubt for a second that the Clintons will do whatever it takes to win – including dragging down anyone and anything they have to? The “slime” factor surrounding that family is unparalleled – why they have any support at all is difficult to ascertain. I didn’t listen to the program, I never do – but I have to think that just about anyone listening is not a Democrat – and would normally never vote in that direction. Did Bill actually encourage that audience to vote for Hillary – on that show – or is that a misunderstanding?

  3. ChrisO Says:

    Hey Justin, maybe you should check your facts instead of just repeating Internet rumors. Clinton was interviewed on Davis’s show in Texas (you know, where there was an election) and Davis replayed the interview later when he guest hosted for Rush. Sorry to deny an Obama supporter another day of Clinton outrage.

  4. Donklephant » Blog Archive » Final: Obama Wins Mississippi 61% to 37% Says:

    [...] do they really like her? Or is this Limbaugh strategy coming to life? This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 and is filed under 2008 [...]

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