San Francisco Holds Secret Olympic Torch Relay

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in California, China, Olympics

Afraid that protests might disrupt the Olympic torch relay, San Francisco and Olympic organizers changed the route at the last second, leaving protestors and supporters staring at empty streets. Wow. What a farce. What’s the point of even having the relay if it’s going to be mainly hidden from view?

Much like China’s treatment of dissidents and unwanteds, the Olympic torch relay is now being hidden behind a veil of secrecy. It’s a shame San Francisco felt the need to be a part of that. Maybe they felt they didn’t have a choice but I think cowardice played a big role here.

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5 Responses to “San Francisco Holds Secret Olympic Torch Relay”

  1. Mé Says:

    I can’t believe all the commies that were waving the flag of communist China in San Francisco, US of A. They might win a congressional seat this November!

  2. Jane Says:

    Yeah I was there at 3rd and King and the protests were very peaceful and nothing more than chanting and flag waving. I’m sure there were such harsh words being traded mainly between the pro-Chinese supporters and the Tibetan supporters, but it was not necessary to have changed the route in my opinion. It was so strange to see SO MANY police with riot gear standing pretty much as bored as the spectators who waited for more than an hour before someone caught the TV broadcast that said the torch is a mile away on Van Ness. LAME.

  3. Maki Papadopoulos Says:

    We had such a great coverage planned for the Torch Relay… it’s really a shame what’s happening! And what a huge disappointment for those who were part of the relay and their route was cancelled.

    Nonetheless, we still plan on re-launching the site as a tribute to all past Olympic Torch Relays and the people who were part of it.

    Web sites: and

  4. Donklephant » Blog Archive » Good call on the SF torch run Says:

    [...] disagree with Alan’s characterization as “cowardly” of the decision to secretly divert the Olympic Torch relay in San [...]

  5. Divided We Stand United We Fall Says:

    Olympic torch protest postscript: Good call Mr. Mayor…

    Alan Steward Carl blogging at Donklephant characterized the decision to secretly divert the Olympic Torch relay route as “cowardice”. I disagree….

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