Latest Democratic Delegate Totals

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As always, there are many different totals, but Obama has been starting to rack up a lot more superdelegates in the last week and he’s very close to locking this up.

Obama – Pledged (1660), Super (309), Total (1,969)
Clinton – Pledged (1500), Super (279), Total (1,779)
57 for Obama to win, 247 for Clinton to win

Real Clear Politics:
Obama – Pledged (1658), Super (316), Total (1974)
Clinton – Pledged (1500), Super (280), Total (1780)
52 for Obama to win, 248 for Clinton to win

NY Times:
Obama – Pledged (1,656), Super (309.5), Total (1,965.5)
Clinton – Pledged (1,502), Super (273), Total (1,775)
60.5 for Obama to win, 253 for Clinton to win

The Associated Press:
Obama – Pledged (1,659), Super (315), Total (1,974)
Clinton – Pledged (1,499), Super (280), Total (1,779)
52 for Obama to win, 249 for Clinton to win

Dem Convention Watch
Obama – Pledged (1660.5), Supers (315.5), Total (1976)
Clinton – Pledged (1499.5), Supers (279.5), Total (1779)
49 for Obama to win, 246 for Clinton to win

The big date now is May 31st when the DNC’s rules committee will vote on the status of Michigan and Florida’s contests. But if Obama can get 70 supers to swing his way before then, everybody will say this is over. If not, the DNC’s ruling could potentially upend this process and it may got to the convention.

More as it develops…

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6 Responses to “Latest Democratic Delegate Totals”

  1. Mr. Music Says:

    Even if Florida & Michigan are seated 100% I don’t see how it’s going to effect things too much. Obama should still be able to go over the top with PR, SD, & Montana.

    In fact I hope Florida & Michigan are seated 100% just so Clinton has nothing left to complain about.

  2. pico Says:

    So long as the uncommited vote in MI goes to Obama I wouldn’t care too much either, but the primaries for the 2012 nominees would be a mess.

  3. Tully Says:

    I made my Fearless Prediction earlier, and I stand by it. The Rules Committee will seat both Florida and Michigan but will apply the original 50% penalty as detailed in the 2008 Delegate Selection rules. Clinton will net 40-50 delegates out of it. Clinton will go on to sweep PR to finish with a slim overall popular vote lead–and it still won’t give her enough delegates and the popular vote still won’t count. Both campaigns will hail the ruling as a just “solution.” Etc.

    (PS–It was a treat to meet you f2f this weekend, Justin!)

  4. Justin Gardner Says:

    Definitely great to meet you too! Hope the weather treated your alright on your way back home.

  5. Gene Lalor Says:

    The Dems have already made it clear that the whole caucus/primary process has been a sad charade as well as an insult to the millions of Democrats who have voiced their opinions. The “superdelegates” and the “committed delegates” who can un-commit whenever they please will determine their candidate.

    It matters not anyway. If the nomination goes to Obama, enough Clintonites will switch to McCain to elect him. If Clinton is the nominee, Blacks will just stay home in November with the same result for McCain.

    What I’m hoping for is an OBAMA/CLINTON ticket. Then America will have a clear choice: Vote Republican or “CHANGE” the country and your lives via the most liberal ticket in history. That change won’t be pretty, folks.

  6. Tully Says:

    Got home five minutes before the storm line rolled over. Quite a light show the last fifty miles, driving straight at it.

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