Bill Will Not Seek Hill’s Seat

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Billary, Hillary, New York, Senate

Not that this was ever really a realistic scenario, given that he’d have to give up his jet setting lifestyle to do a thankless job…but this was speculation we just couldn’t pass up.

From CNN:

Responding to such speculation, Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna tells CNN that “it’s completely false. President Clinton is excited to expand the work of his foundation which has more than 1,000 staff and volunteers in 44 countries advancing projects on HIV/AIDS, climate change, sustainable economic development and childhood obesity.”

Ultimately, history wasn’t behind this as it appears that the only former Presidents to go back to the legislature didn’t really have anything better to do…

Only two former presidents have made the move from the White House to Capitol Hill. President John Quincy Adams lost his re-election bid in 1828. Two years later he returned to Washington after winning election as a congressman from his home state of Massachusetts. He served in the House of Representatives until his death in 1848.

President Andrew Johnson, who served out the remainder of President Abraham Lincoln’s term, also served briefly in the Senate in 1875, seven years after Congress voted to impeach him.

And scene.

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