Oklahoma Ethics Commission: We Need More Money Because Last Year’s Increase Went For Pay Raises

By Glenn Church | Related entries in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission thinks it needs more money to investigate ethic violations by politicians.

oklahoma_state_capitolThe commission, with seven staff members, feels “stymied” without more funds. They are asking for an additional $360,000 to add five more employees.

Legislators are not too crazy about giving them the money.

Are they afraid of increased investigations?

No, the lawmakers are more concerned about wasting taxpayer dollars.

The commission wants a budget increase, but last year when it received a 30% increase in funding, most of it went to employee pay raises.

Now the commission figures they don’t have the money to investigate public officials, but on the upside they are able to take fancier vacations.

(from Foolocracy.com)

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