Jim Bunning Will Not Seek Reelection

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Kentucky, Senate

The GOP is finally able to get rid of one of their more embarrassing Senators.

The reason?


The writing on the wall may have been the news reported Sunday by the Louisville Courier-Journal that more than 100 former Bunning donors have signed up with Secretary of State Trey Grayson, a fellow Republican who has formed an exploratory committee.

Bunning is 77. Grayson, who has taken in twice what Bunning has raised, is 37.

Bunning announced in May that he intended to run for a third term, but as I wrote back then, that decision is “subject to change.” And it did.

But will this be good for the Dems or the Repubs in the next election cycle?

Well, Kentucky is a fairly red state, but Bunning barely won last time against Daniel Mongiardo, a complete unknown who had a fraction of Bunning’s war chest. Part of this was due to the fact that Bunning suggested that Mongiardo looked like one of Saddam Hussein’s sons, but I also think Kentucky voters realize that Bunning isn’t really all there anymore. In fact, his approval numbers are barely cracking 30% and his disapproval is above 50%. So his prospects in 2011 were dim to begin with.

Still, will the political landscape in Kentucky change or will the continue to elect Republicans?

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7 Responses to “Jim Bunning Will Not Seek Reelection”

  1. michael reynolds Says:

    This is very sad news. 6 more years and we’d have had full-blown Alzheimers in the Senate chamber. Well, more full-blown Alzheimers.

  2. PunditKix Says:

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  3. Nick Benjamin Says:

    They’ll keep electing Republicans in KY. Bunning was vulnerable because people thought he was an incompetent boob. Grayson doesn’t have that problem.

  4. Paul Says:

    Maybe he should be a pitching coach ??

  5. Trescml Says:

    It shows just how far an incumbent has to sink before everyone abandons ship.

  6. The Peanut Gallery: 7/28/2009 « The Sad Elephant Says:

    [...] Donklephant. [...]

  7. ffbull Says:

    Grayson isn’t the default nominee. Rand Paul is also running for the Reb. nomination.

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