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Hang Loose, America

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hawaii

This is, of course, the shaka sign that Hawaiians use to greet each other. Weird, but I still forget that Obama considers Hawaii his home state. Thanks for the reminder Chief. Tweet

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Yes, Obama Was Born In The United States

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hawaii

I doubt this will quell the conspiracy crowd, but one can hope… The state health director said yesterday she has personally seen and verified Sen. Barack Obama’s original birth certificate in an effort to address numerous requests for the document. Obama, who is running against Sen. John McCain for president, posted on his Web site […]

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Hawaii’s Election Official Says He Was Too Busy To Register To Vote

By Glenn Church | Related entries in General Politics, Hawaii

It was bad enough that Kevin Cronin, Hawaii’s Chief Election Official, failed to register to vote for five months. It was part of the job qualification, but more importantly, he is supposed to set an example. By neglecting to register, he dismisses this important act as less important than his other duties. His excuse? Essentially, […]

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Obama’s Bi-Racial Background Hints At Communism?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hawaii, History, Race

I literally could not believe it when I read it (the article is from February), but here we go…because Obama came from a white mother and a highly educated black father…it follows that he’s more predisposed to be a Communist. I know, it sounds like the stuff of fiction, but take a read from Lisa […]

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Obama Adds 2 Hawaii Superdelegates

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Hawaii, Hillary, Super Delegates!!!

That’s +4 for the day for Obama since Hillary hasn’t picked up any. First, senator Daniel Akaka endorses, making 19 senators for Obama… “I’ve followed the campaign for president closely … to see which candidate would articulate a vision for our country, encourage hope and renew faith in our government, and stand to rigors of […]

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3 More Superdelegates For Obama Today

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Hawaii, Hillary, New Mexico, South Carolina, Super Delegates!!!

That’s +7 for the day. Are the floodgates about to open? From RCP: […] the Obama campaign has won the endorsements of Hawaii Rep. Mazie Hirono and Laurie Weahkee, a New Mexico superdelegate and lead organizer for the Native American Voters Alliance. Also, Wilber Lee Jeffcoat… Jeffcoat, a retired trucking supervisor and member of the […]

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Obama Easily Winning Hawaii

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hawaii, Hillary

The results are very early, but I can’t help but think he has it in the bag. With 8% reporting, he’s up 77% to 23%. I think it’s probably not called yet because it’s really late and everybody has gone to bed. Most important part of this being such a big win…it’ll increase Obama’s delegate […]

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