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Todd Akin’s Facebook Page Announces He’s Staying In The Race

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Missouri, Politics, Republicans, tea party, WTF?

First, a screenshot of the status update his campaign posted on his Facebook Page two hours ago. As you can see, the comments are not kind. Still, this is the LAST word we’ve had from the Akin campaign. This is after all the interviews he gave, all the statements by every Republican that matters currently […]

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Rise of the Algos – Knight Capital and the Inevitable Catastrophic HFT Market Meltdown

By mw | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Banks, News, Regulations, Wall Street, WTF?

A High Frequency Trading proprietary algorithm crafted by highly compensated brains-on-sticks and nurtured in the bowels of an investment bank escaped into the wild. From its carefully co-located massively parallel high speed trading computer it emerged to wreak havoc on the financial markets. In this case, it was a happy ending. The algo turned on its master and sucked the very life blood out of the firm that deployed it.Once Knight Capital’s algo was identifed as the culprit, the public company’s stock was slashed by 1/3 – a $300 million market cap haircut decapitation. That was Wednesday before we knew how much the algo lost on the trades. On Thursday morning KCG’s stock was slashed in half again when the trading loss was being reported at $440 Million. The incident is yet another lights-flashing, klaxon-blaring warning signal that competing HFT algorithms operating with the speed, size and complexity that are commonplace today cannot be adequately regulated, tested, or managed. Their interactions with each other cannot even be fully understood or predicted.

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Going Green – Why We Should Legalize It (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Law, WTF?

Many issues in America faced an uphill battle at the turn of the century, and several unresolved ones still do. From gay marriage to medical marijuana, there are thousands of individuals pushing to change current legislation and fully progress into the new millennium. The infographic below actually outlines some of the reasons why America should […]

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By mw | Related entries in Media, Partisan Nonsense, Satire, WTF?

What better way to learn about infographics than an infographic about infographics? Most infographics are focused on the use of infographics in business to promote an product or service you might not know you need or want. What is needed is an infographic focused on the use of infographics in politics to promote an idea that you might otherwise consider laughable, nonsensical and unsupportable.

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How Unethical Are Wealthy People? (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Taxes, Transparency, unemployment, Wall Street, WTF?

According to this Infographic, the behavioral patterns of the wealthy appear to be quite elitist and entitled. The 1% believe that they are an acception to the rule, which causes a lot of social justice issues in the US. Mo’ money, mo’ problems is the title of this illustrated data set, including a study conducted […]

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Libertarian Seasteading Gains Traction With Deep Pockets

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ideas, Libertarian, The World, WTF?

We first wrote about the idea of seasteading (building new countries offshore on oil platforms) in 2009. At the time, I had this to offer… No doubt it’s an interesting notion, but is this practical? Living on the sea? Just think of how much risk that could entail. Of course you’d do the research to […]

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The Final Frontier

By Jacob | Related entries in Bipartisan, Environment, General Politics, McCain, WTF?

It’s come to the attention of this reporter that the Rapture is, in fact, going to occur. Documents leaked earlier today describe how a bi-partisan team of Senators, dubbed the Gang of 14, working closely with President Obama have developed and set into motion a plan to save Humankind – FROM GOD! It seems a […]

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Really America? The Mosque Is Why You Disapprove Of Obama?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Obama, Politics, Polls, Religion, WTF?

Note the big drop in the past week. Obama had been bumping along at around pretty much even approval/disapproval, but then he made a principled, correct stand on what religious freedom means to us a nation…and his approval drops? And, by the way, this isn’t even a mosque. It’s a small prayer center inside of […]

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Remember November? Yes? Well, You’ll Want To See This.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, Republicans, Video, WTF?

Forgive me, but right now all I can think of is this. You can almost hear the meeting that this was cooked up in… “All those in favor of paying homage to a terrorist to rally the anti-government right so they’ll vote for us in November say aye!” Now, before you claim the same thing […]

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Ed Schultz Claims Republicans Want Voters To Die

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Media, Partisan Hacks, Republicans, Video, WTF?

Remember when I was talking about impotent rage on the left and the right in a post about Glenn Beck a couple days ago? Well, now we’ve got an analog to that and it comes in the form of this shameful screed by one of MSNBC’s newest commentators… The Republicans lie! They want to see […]

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