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10 Mac OS Features That Made Us Fall in Love With Apple Computers

Apple computers “just work.” 

From the software to the hardware, there is something so enjoyable and seamless about the Apple experience. As the years have progressed, more mac OS features have made it easier to be an Apple fan. 

There are features for productivity, file management, and more. If you are wondering what makes Apple computers so great, then stick around. Here are the ten mac OS features that make us love Macbooks. 


1. Spotlight Search

One of the most convenient features of any computer, Spotlight Search, allows you to access a search bar right on your computer. 

All you have to is hit Command > Spacebar to bring up Spotlight Search. From there, you can do math equations, look up an app, ask a question, or whatever you need. 

Spotlight Search is an excellent way to get your inquiries answered fast, and it’s integrated right into mac OS. 

2. Trackpad Gestures

Macbooks are known for their force-touch trackpads and have been the leader of the superior trackpads in the whole industry. 

“Force-touch” essentially means that the trackpad is one layer of glass with no specific clicking mechanism. Unlike only trackpads that have a clicky right or left, Apple’s trackpads let you click anywhere. 

This also allows for better accuracy and more fine-tuning in the software. Force-touch is dependent on haptic feedback and not an actual click. The feedback is there to let you know what you are doing. 

Because of this, Apple has developed a wide array of trackpad gestures that can boost your productivity and user experience. From having multiple desktops open to multitasking, and even zooming and out of a page, the Apple trackpad is the one to beat. 

3. Sidecar

Sidecar was introduced alongside mac OS Catalina, and it has been an excellent productivity feature ever since. 

Sidecar allows you to plug your iPad as a secondary display and input device. Not only is this extremely convenient, but it also means that you can have a more mobile working station. Additionally, this feature, once again, seamlessly integrates the hardware and the software. 

Having two displays can be extremely useful if you are a video editing power user or use a lot of browser tabs open at once. All in all, Sidecar was an excellent feature brought upon by mac OS Catalina. 

4. Dark Mode

Let’s face it, and sometimes the super-bright white Apple interface can be eye-searing. 

That’s where Dark Mode comes in. Dark Mode was a feature requested by Apple users for years, both on the Mac and iPhone. Dark Mode, as the name suggests, turns your Macbook’s interface into a stealthy one, all while being easy on the eyes and looking great while doing it. 

Dark Mode also trickles down into applications, such as Safari, Reminders, and Pages. No matter how you are using your Macbook, you can use Dark Mode across your apps. 

5. Widgets

Widgets are an excellent way to get the essential information from an application without opening it. Alongside other mac OS Big Sur features, it is one of the best resources for productivity. 

The new widget system allows for better optimization for third-party widgets, which means that you can add widgets from your favorite apps. Additionally, you can customize just how much information you want to see from these widgets to best suit your needs. 

Widgets are great for helping you get the info you need and are a great sidekick in a working day. 

6. Sharing Notes

Across your Apple devices, you probably have your fair share of notes. 

With mac OS, you can share these notes with anyone through iMessage, mail, or Reminders. Sharing notes is excellent if you are working on a collaborative project, or want to share a grocery list with your family. 

No matter how you use them, note sharing is one of the best-underrated features of mac OS. 

7. Screen Time 

A lot of hours are used on our devices, but how is that time broken down? 

Going off of the iPhone, mac OS has implemented a Screen Time feature that allows you to see a detailed breakdown of your technology use.

Screen Time breaks down your usage by app, and also give you averages of the hours spent. This helps you better understand your use cases, and can even help you unplug if you feel like you are spending a lot of time on your computer. 

8. True Tone

Introduced on newer Macbooks, True Tone is a perfect mix of hardware and software interaction. 

True Tone is automatic (but customizable if you wish), and lets the display adjust to the lighting conditions it is in. This makes for an easier-on-the-eyes display tone and is an excellent feature if you are sensitive to harsh display glare or stark white tone. 

True Tone is one of the many reasons why Macbook displays are so darn good. 

9. Use Your Apple Watch to Authenticate Login

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use that to authenticate a login on your Macbook. Not only does this let you bypass a pesky password, but it also adds a whole new level of convenience alongside security. 

Moreover, it further cements Apple as the epicenter for software and hardware integration and continuity. Since these two devices work so seamlessly together, it is almost a no-brainer for iPhone or Apple Watch users to get a Macbook over a different device. 

10. Seamless iCloud Integration 

One of the best features of mac OS is its incredible companionship with iCloud. 

If you want to resume a text conversation, look at your photos, back up your iPhone, or more, you can do that all with your Macbook

mac OS has developed to work alongside Apple’s other hardware, making everything work together in harmony. If you love technological continuity, then mac OS’s seamless iCloud integration is one of the best features. 

The Best mac OS Features

From productivity to continuity, these are the ten best mac OS features. 

Whether you are a longtime Apple user or a newbie, you can benefit from these software features and even implement them into your workflow.

If you love technology and software, then check out our guides that help you stay on top of tech. 

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