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4 Smart Home Apps That’ll Revolutionize Your Life

Experts believe the smart home market will be worth as much as $40.9 billion by 2020! In light of this, we’ve put together a list of our favorite smart home apps that’ll hopefully make your life easier. Let’s dive in!


1. Amazon’s Alexa App

If you’ve downloaded the latest update, you’ll see the app’s aesthetics have completely changed- and for the better.

These modifications certainly help users to set up their smart home and make tweaks as and when they need to.

When you head over to the ‘devices tab,’ you’ll see a list of all the Alexa-enabled devices you can control from your smartphone!

This app is essential for making the most out of Alexa! So, if you’ve just bought your device, be sure to download the app straight away. It’s super handy for monitoring and controlling all your devices in one go.

2. Google Home

If you’re the proud owner of an assistant-equipped smart speaker, you should download the Google Home app. This enables you to schedule repeated multi-step actions on whatever day you require.

For example, you could plan to have the TV, heating, and lights on and ready as you walk through the door. This is a godsend after a long, hard day at the office.

Please note, this app is only available in the U.S (for now).

3. myQ Smart Garage

If you have a garage myQ Smart Garage is an absolute must-have. It allows you to see whether your garage door is closed correctly.

It also permits you to monitor any smart devices you have either in your house and/or your garage.

For example, the app enables you to see:

  • The temperature
  • Whether you’ve accidentally left the lights on
  • You can set up the app to receive an alert whenever your garage door opens- this is amazing if you’re concerned about break-ins. It’ll help you handle any suspicious scenarios quicker than ever.

How neat is that?!

4. Smart IPTV App

The smart IPTV app allows you to watch TV via the internet rather than cable or satellite.

You can relax and enjoy all your favorite shows from the convenience of any location and device.

Plus, you’ll be able to access over 6,000 channels, in addition to 4,000 movies and TV programmes- that’s a lot of TV!

Last but not least, IPTV boasts a fabulous track record for performing over 99.99% of the time. Reliability, without the expense of cable bills- what could be better?

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