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Apps for Animals: The 5 Best Pet Care Apps On the Market

There’s an app for that!

This couldn’t be a truer statement. With over 5.4 million apps available in the top 5 app stores combined, there is an app for virtually anything these days.

There are strange apps like one that shows you demotivational pics to help make a bad day worse. And there are dubiously useful apps like one that tells you when you can run and pee without missing anything during a movie.

Today we’re going to show you our top picks for pet care apps. These certainly are useful when you want to keep your furry friend in tip-top shape!


1. 11Pets

If you feel like you need a medical journal for your dog, this is it! 11pets helps you keep track of medical necessities like vet visits and medications.

You can also save all their medical history and information right in the app. That’s so handy for those emergency vet visits when you’re out of town. This is particularly true if your pet struggles with an ongoing condition like anxiety.

2. Dog Clicker Training

This handy app ensures that you have your clicker on hand at all times. Clicker training is an effective method of reinforcing the behaviors you’d like your dog to cultivate. But sometimes it’s a pain to remember to bring that little plastic clicker with you all the time.

Download this app onto your phone and you’ll never have to worry about having the clicker with you ever again!

3. MapMyDogWalk

This is an incredibly useful app when you’ve just moved to a new area and are looking for good dog walking routes. You can also use it when you take your pup with you on vacation.

The app uses Google Maps to help you plan out a route for your daily dog walk. But it goes beyond a safe place to walk. The app will show you dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and even waste bag dispensers and water fountains along your route.


This app lets you choose the species of your pet. Then, it provides you with a database of all the possible hazards that your pet could come across. This could be plants, medications, even certain foods.

The app even provides a handy calculator to help you determine if the amount consumed is worth a trip to the vet. No sense in a costly vet bill if your pet will most likely be fine in a couple hours.

5. Fido Factor

This app is another super useful app if you travel a lot with your pet. It makes finding pet-friendly hotels and restaurants a breeze! You’ll even be able to find stores and other useful locations quickly and easily with this app.

Pet Care Apps Galore

These are just the pet care apps that made our list. There are a whole plethora of other apps out there that will help you take good care of your fluffy friend. Give these ones a try and don’t be afraid to branch out if your pet’s needs require something different.

For more great apps for just about everything, be sure to check out the apps section of our blog. We’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect apps to make your life easier.

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