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5 of the Absolute Best Streaming Players of 2019

Streaming took over television for many reasons.

First off, it’s more convenient and puts viewers in charge of what they watch. Second, it’s a lot cheaper than broadcast subscriptions. Netflix’s $10 per month basic plan still costs leagues less than a cable subscription.

And last of all, streaming is available everywhere. While streaming services like Hulu and Netflix helped bring down cable’s audiences, they really took a hit when streaming players hit the scene. It brought streaming services to people’s televisions, off their computer screens.

After that, people embraced streaming in the same way they embraced cable. And it wouldn’t have happened without the help of devices like the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire. Some devices can even stream live TV.

Keep reading for five of the best streaming devices that you can get today!


1. The Roku Streaming Stick+ for Cheaper yet Beautiful Viewing

At just $50, Roku is offering viewers the opportunity to watch any of their preferred shows in 4K HDR. Right out of the box, users can access hundreds of streaming services from known channels.

Subscriptions to services like Hulu and Netflix are natively supported, naturally. The same founders who built Netflix also built Roku.

It’s remote is also designed for simplicity. It supports voice commands and works with most modern televisions.

2. Chromecast for Google Users Looking to Take More Control

Google has boasted about their new Android ecosystem lately, with the developments of Google Home devices and phones. There is one tool necessary to immerse yourself in that technological framework.

With the Chromecast, Google-fan viewers don’t even need remotes to control their TV. They can simply shout at their Google Home to change the channel or the volume. Google can even recommend shows and movies for people in it.

3. Abox A4 Android TV Box: One of Most Versatile Streaming Players

Heavy watchers usually want to be able to use a wide variety of tools to stream their shows. They loathe restriction around what apps and services they can use on a device.

That’s what makes the Abox A4 Android TV Box such a perfect device for these people. It supports services like IPTV m3u and other rare sources. Plus, with enough technological know-how, it can be completely customized, like any Android device.

4. Apple TV 4K For Apple Users Looking To Build Their Personal Ecosystem

Apple designs their tools with simplicity and capability in mind. With that, they put together the Apple TV 4K. The device adds another element to ho you can interact with your technological ecosystem.

Airplay right to your TV, and control your streaming right from your phone. The Apple TV 4K does more than just make it easier to watch TV, it also lets you watch in the best possible way: 4K.

5. Use Amazon Fire TV Stick to Ignite Your Next TV Show Binge

While Apple has built tools that work well together, they lose some of their value if you don’t have them all. If you’re both a Google, Apple, and Windows person, consider the Amazon Fire TV.

The device is designed to be as usable as the above brands while working with any tech ecosystem. Plus, the remote has Alexa integration. It’s a smart voice-control system that will let you talk to your TV to control it, rather than clicking the remote.

The Best Streaming Players Are the Ones That Work for You

All streaming players have different strengths and weaknesses. For some, customizability may be the important part for streaming. People looking for that may want to avoid Apple products. However, if somebody wants their devices to be simple use, Apple may be right up their alley.

No matter the specific device, they’ve all pioneered massive change in how we watch TV. We now have streaming services that let us consume any media we want and command our televisions to display it with nothing but our voice. Imagine what changes will happen in the next 20 years.

With so much change happening in the tech world, it can be hard to stay up to date. We make sure to detail everything that happens in the tech world, though. So keep reading here to not be left behind as new streaming players are released, new services are created, and tech continues to evolve.

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