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What Will the Future of TV Look Like in 20 Years?

Ready or not, the future of TV is here.

In the last twenty years, we’ve seen a huge surge in technological innovations. Netflix went from a DVD subscription to a huge library of digital movies. YouTube and Facebook have launched entire entertainment careers, from Bo Burham to Awkwafina.

TVs have better definition, and they’re cheaper to buy. We can now enjoy television from our phones, our computers, and even our cars.

With all these rapid changes, one might wonder what the future of TV holds. We’re not fortune tellers, but here are five predictions about what we’ll see in the next twenty years.


The Future of TV Is Apps, Not Channels

You might have already experienced this: you’re in the mood to watch your favorite sitcom, but you have to find the right app for it. Is it on Netflix or Hulu? The future of TV suggests this dilemma isn’t going anywhere.

Ten years ago you had your favorite channels, like HGTV or Cartoon Network (for the younger crowd). Now it’s more likely that you have a favorite streaming service.

Now Disney announced their own apps, and Facebook has original “watch” content. It’s clear that app surfing is only going to be more popular.

Invisible Accessories Like Speakers

The world wants technology, but they don’t want it to be intrusive. So while we’ll keep buying extra tech accessories, we want them to be small and near invisible.

The television is a perfect example. More television companies are producing TVs with invisible speakers. The speaker is behind the TV instead of hiding in the bottom. This lets manufacturers create larger speakers for a better sound.

Television for Your Decor

Speaking of hidden technology, the future of TV is television that doubles as decor.

Instead of building a room around a screen, homeowners are looking for TVs built into the walls. There are also televisions that look like framed photos. When you’re not watching TV, the screen will display a family photo or piece of art.

Whatever you get, don’t forget the warranty. It pays more to learn more about protecting your tech.

Voice Activated Controls

Voice activated computers and televisions have been a dream since Star Trek days. And while we already have TVs that are voice activated, the verbal commands are clunky.

But now AI developers have turned their attention to the entertainment industry. There are already voice-activated controls with XBox and Kinect. It’s only a matter of time before you can tell your television to play your favorite movie with a single command.

More Screens

Screens are a part of our everyday world. From our computers to TVs, we’re surrounded by screens. The future of TV suggests we’re only going to see more of that.

Many people think that with new smart-cars doing the driving for us, we’ll be able to enjoy TV at our leisure. So while you shouldn’t watch your favorite show in the car now, wait a few years. You’ll be bingeing TV on long road trips in no time.

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