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10 Best Computer Accessories of 2018 That Will Upgrade Your Life

Computers are now basically ubiquitous: 84% of U.S households have a computer and over 70% have access to the Internet. Whether you’re playing games, doing work, writing an essay, or just surfing the web, chances are you have and use a computer regularly.

Certain computer accessories can make your computer experience easier and, in some cases, significantly better. Both desktop computers and laptops can be improved or made more user-friendly with the best computer accessories.

Let’s look at 10 of the best computer accessories you can find in 2018.


1. Wireless Mouse

Most laptops come with a built-in mousepad, so many people don’t get a separate mouse. However, mousepads can be finicky and hard to use, especially if you’re gaming.

But the classic wire mice can also be a nuisance: the wire can get tangled, frayed, damaged, etc.

A wireless mouse will make your computer experience easy and, well, wire-free. You can get a USB connected wireless mouse that connects via a USB port (one of the best is the Logitech M510).

If your laptop doesn’t have USB ports or only has one (a common practice in the modern computer market), you can also get a wireless mouse that connects via Bluetooth (try the Logitech MX Anywhere 2).

2. HooToo USB-C Hub

We mentioned that many laptops and computers are ditching the open USB ports, or at least limiting them down to one. But what about things that require a USB or if you need to plug in multiple things at once? That’s where an accessory like the HooToo USB Hub comes in.

This hub connects to your laptop to give you many more open USB ports. This way, you can connect a mouse, a charger, and a portable hard drive all at once if you want!

3. USB Isolator

This is probably an accessory you haven’t heard of before, unless you’re really a techie. A USB isolator acts as a sort of barrier between your computer and whatever you’re connecting to your computer via USB.

This can prevent electric surges and other voltage issues. This is one of the “must have” computer accessories for those using high-tech equipment, instrumentation, and high-powered supplies with your computer.

4. Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205

It’s no secret that most laptop speakers aren’t great. If you really want to blast your Spotify for a party, get really into your Netflix movie, and feel immersed in your video game, then you’ll need to get some speakers.

The Logitech laptop speaker Z205 is perfect for laptop users. It’s portable and easy to connect to your laptop via USB.

The coolest part about these speakers is the device hooks right onto your laptop, so the wires won’t get tangled and you can keep the laptop/speaker system together and organized.

5. Audioengine A2+ Speaker System

If you have a desktop computer, why not go big with your speaker system? The Audioengine A2+ speaker system is one of the best you can buy. Despite the huge sound, the speakers themselves aren’t that big: they’ll fit on most desks.

The sound quality is deep and booming for great movie nights, hours spent in virtual gaming worlds, and for blasting a dancing playlist before you go out with your friends.

They’re reasonably priced for the quality and size of them as well, which gives them a great balance between price, sound, and make quality.

6. Portable Hard Drive

Most of us keep our entire lives on our computers. Imagine losing everything on your computer because of a crash, a power surge, or a virus.

Avoid that kind of panicky disaster by backing up all your data on a portable hard drive. With drives ranging in size, you can back up every single thing on your computer, even if you’ve been compiling data since 2004.

7. Logitech C920 Webcam

Most desktop monitors don’t have a built-in camera, and many people think the built-in laptop cameras aren’t the best quality.

If you’re someone who makes videos with your computer, video chats online, or even stream on gaming websites, external webcams are definitely must have computer accessory.

The Logitech C920 Webcam is a great option. This will provide you with HD quality video along with improved microphone audio technology.

8. Keyboard Protector

Whether you have a laptop with a built-in keyboard or you just invested in a fancy gaming keyboard, you want to protect it. A keyboard protector will fit right over your existing keyboard to prevent crumbs, dust, liquids, and other things from damaging your keyboard.

Different protectors will exist for each type of keyboard and computer model.

9. Laptop Stand

The classic stance in front of a computer or laptop is usually hunched over, which leads to back and neck pain. Studies show that over 80% of people who use computers for over 4 hours per day (let’s face it, that’s most of us these days) complain of back pain.

A way to avoid this pain and discomfort is to use a laptop stand. The laptop rests on the stand that can be adjusted to a proper height and angle in front of you so you don’t have to hunch or strain while using it.

10. Computer Case

And lastly, we come to the computer case. Not only is this a practical accessory that can be used to protect your computer, but it’s also one of the most fun accessories you can pick.

You can get professional cases that are sleek and modern, or you can go for a quirky fun case that displays your favorite Disney character or a neon 80s pattern. Get creative with this one: computers are fun, and your case can show that off!

10 Best Computer Accessories of 2018: Wrapping Up

Investing in a computer doesn’t end with the machine itself. These 10 computer accessories show the importance of the “extras” when using a computer.

Whether you’re a gamer looking for the best sound quality when fighting zombies or if you’re a professional looking to reduce your back pain after spending hours typing, these accessories can improve your experience.

If you’re looking for more tech reviews and advice, check out our blog. You can also contact us with any questions.

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