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5 Benefits of Client Portal Software for Lawyers

If you’re a lawyer then you know how overwhelming your inbox and how demanding clients can be. Did you know that there’s a solution to making your workload more organized and manageable?

You may want to look into getting a client portal software! If you need more convincing on why you need one then keep on reading.


1. Maintain Security and Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of having a client portal software is the added security and privacy in communication and information.

Email encryption is important when sending communication back and forth with clients and other counsel. Especially when there’s sensitive information attached. A client portal provides end-to-end user encryption meaning that anything that’s put onto or sent via the portal is safe from prying digital attackers.

2. Keeping Record Accurately

An added benefit to having a law firm client portal software is a digital record-keeping system built-in.

With that current overflowing inbox emails can get lost, deleted, or even missed. A client portal provides its own archive service for each of your clients so that you can easily find what you’re looking for and even come with a date and time stamp!

3. Help With Team Collaboration

Teamwork is big in law firms and with so many people touching a client file things can go missing or omitted. 

Portal software will keep everything in one place and have delegation options and tracking to make sure things are done and on time. You can make multiple people working in the file at once and have real-time updates on documentation and communication files.

4. Keeping Things Organized

With laws in place to keep a well-organized records management system in your law firm, it doesn’t always mean that what you have in place right now is ideal. 

Instead of having a combination of paper files, and digital files, on top of all the emails and phone calls that are being had a client portal can help keep it all together. The portal can keep all these records under client files in one secure location to go through and pull things as needed.

5. Better Communication

Gone will be the days of not responding back to client emails, or finding communications in your junk box!

With client portal software, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve missed an email. Not only that, but you can also be sure that your clients are receiving your emails as well. Communications are organized, tracked, and even have the ability to show if they’ve been read or not.

Benefits of Getting a Client Portal Stat!

Giving your law firm the benefit of being organized and secure, a client portal will also make you stand out.

Firms that show that they are on the ball and genuinely care about their client relations are ones that will have the best reputations. A client portal will help you in getting that reputation, and keeping it long-term.

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