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5 Common Call Tracking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

According to one study, 30% of agencies are worried about justifying their ROI efforts.

If you’re interested in justifying it, you may want to avoid call tracking mistakes.

But what are the most common ones? Keep reading to find out!


1. Focusing on Volume of Calls

While some people might want to focus on the quantity of the calls traced, you should be focusing on the quality. 

When a call doesn’t get converted, it’ll just waste your time. So while tracking the volume can be helpful for analytics, you should only spend your efforts tracking down leads that are most qualified. 

2. Using a Weak Program

You should always be using a call tracking software program for tracking for lead gen.

If you’re not using any program or using a weak one, you may end up missing out on some great opportunities. 

There are even many programs out there that will integrate into Salesforce to make it easy to use as well. You should make sure you choose one that is automated and gives you a lot of information on your ROI. 

3. Ignoring Landing Page Calls

While some people will call a business directly from an advertisement, many more people click through a website’s landing pages before calling the business. 

You have to track all calls if you want to make a return on investment. This is easy to fix; all you need to do is go into the tracking tools on Google’s websites. 

You can then replace certain phone numbers on your landing page with a tracking number, so that way you’ll see who contacts you.

4. Not Routing Calls

You can use the call tracking data to improve your inbound call conversion rates. In fact, when you have this data, you’ll also be able to predict what the intent of the buyer is and then connect them with a sales rep who will be perfect for them. 

For example, if you sell SEO marketing, and you have someone who clicks on a page about marketing in general, you’ll know which skilled salesman to connect them with. 

5. Counting Calls as Conversions

You need to do more than just count the leads and calls. In fact, you should be focusing on the quality as well, so focus on conversions. 

This will let you know if your ads and the calls are doing something for your business. If it’s not, then you’re getting a negative return on investment. 

To fix this, you’ll have to use Google’s call tracking tool. You’ll be able to toggle a tracking system for call conversion based on how long a call took. 

Discover More Call Tracking Mistakes

These are only a few call tracking mistakes that people make, but there are many more to keep an eye on.

We know that marketing and generating leads for your business can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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