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5 Leadership Training Topics to Focus On

Around 79% of American employees will quit their jobs due to a lack of appreciation from leaders.

This is only one example of how crucial good leaders are, as they can make or break your business. Perhaps you’ve noticed a dip in your leadership skills, but you’re not sure which areas to focus on.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five essential leadership training topics to explore. 


1. Dealing With Change

One of the most important topics for leadership team development is knowing how to handle change. Your goal is to help employees respond to change effectively and productively.

In this topic, you should also dive into conflict resolution, especially if your business relies heavily on Zoom meetings. Make sure you know how to prevent conflicts and if they do arise, come to an agreement that mollifies both individuals. 

2. Time Management 

Future leaders must be well-versed in time management, as it’s the lifeblood of every business. Learn how to set clear goals and prioritize them so your team can work swiftly through each task.

Also, learn how to maximize working hours and optimize the day so your employees stay productive without suffering burnout. For instance, set realistic hours and encourage small breaks.

3. Coaching and Feedback

Another important topic in your management training is knowing how to coach your team. When you help your employees grow, they will feel recognized and appreciate working for your organization. This topic also teaches leaders to ask guiding questions and offer honest feedback to encourage employees with their skill development. 

Further, learn how to develop your communication skills. You must be transparent and deliver clear statements so employees know the next step. 

4. Prioritize Inclusion

In 2021, inclusion and diversity are a crucial part of the workplace, especially if you want to cultivate a healthy work environment. 

Successful leaders make everyone feel welcome and valued so they stay with your company. If you aren’t sure how to embrace inclusivity, then dive into this topic as it will show your team that you care. 

5. Employee Mindfulness 

Leaders must remember that their teams aren’t robots and sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned.

It’s your role to create a working environment that embraces mindfulness, as it will improve employee productivity and retention. Plus, mindfulness will improve your self-awareness, focus, and emotional intelligence.

Further, explore topics about staying determined, as it will spark your employee’s intrinsic motivation. Figure out what drives ambition and encourage your team to tap into it, especially during a difficult project.

Check Out These Leadership Training Topics Today 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know leadership training topics to check out. 

Make sure you include topics that deal with change, improve time management in the workplace, and improve your feedback. You should also prioritize employee mindfulness and inclusion when you’re deepening your leadership knowledge. Good luck!

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