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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile App Builder for You

About 90% of the time people spend on their mobile phones is spent using apps. With everyone so addicted to their mobile phone, more companies are creating apps to leverage our smartphone addiction. 

An app can help you build your brand, create a better customer experience, and generate sales. Of course, it takes time and technical know-how to make a mobile app from scratch. But, with an app builder, you can create an app fast with little to no coding knowledge. 

Here are five tips for choosing the best mobile app builder to make your business app. 


1. Find an App Builder With the Right Template

App builders often use templates to streamline the design process. Templates use prewritten code to create a basic outline for an app that you can add to other app builder features. An app builder can have a variety of templates for different industries or specialize in a single industry. 

Before choosing an app builder to use, determine what kind of app you want to build. What you want your app to accomplish will help you narrow down the type of template to look for when comparing mobile app builders. 

2. Find Your Desired Features

Along with templates, app builders often have a list of features and plug-ins you can add to your design to make your app functional. App builders make adding features to your app simple by just dragging and dropping them onto a template. 

But, this also limits you to the features an app builder provides. Your app’s features can help set your app apart from your competition. So, if there is a feature that you must have in your app, be sure the app builder you choose has it.  

3. Decide Between Low Code or No Code

App builders are a great option to use if you don’t have the technical knowledge of making a mobile app. But some app builders do allow you to do some of your own coding. While a no-code option enables you to concentrate on your design and functionality, a low code option will let you do more customization for your app. 

4. Know Where You Can Publish Your App

Because the coding is already done through templates and features, some app builders may only build an app for a specific platform. So, before picking an app builder, see if you can publish your app to the Apple App store, the Google Play store, or both.

5. Don’t Overlook Tech Support 

App builders make app creation easy, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions or run into issues. Most app builders offer some form of technical support to guide you, but services will vary. Research to see if an app builder responds quickly to questions or if there are online forums where you can get help. 

Choose the Best Mobile App Builder for Your Company

Don’t be lost wondering how to make a mobile app to grow your business. App builders provide a ton of options to make a great mobile app to connect with your customers. Planning ahead of time will ensure you pick the best mobile app builder to create an app that will succeed.  

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