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Putting the Fun in Fundraising: The Best Online Fundraising Ideas

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your fundraising activities? Perhaps your volunteers don’t want to mix with larger gatherings in case they catch the virus? This can have a severe effect on the amount of money you can donate to good causes, and you may be frustrated with the ongoing restrictions that make it more difficult to raise funds.

But, there is a solution. You can leverage the power of modern technology to run online events that allow contributors to have fun while donating to charity. Many people are familiar with using their tablets and computers to talk to family and friends during lockdowns, so they should find it easy to log on and join in with your activities.

To help attract more people to your event, let’s dive in and look at some enjoyable online fundraising ideas to do online.


Have an Online Movie Night

One of the best online fundraising ideas is to have a virtual movie night as it generates money while also increasing awareness. For example, your film could be entertaining and related to your cause. A documentary can be a good choice to help educate others about the problems your charity is trying to address. People can then send money electronically at the end of the film.

Just make sure everyone logs in to your online platform and starts the movie at the same time.

Host a Virtual Pub Quiz

It’s not one of the most unique online fundraising ideas, but that’s because virtual pub quizzes are so popular. You can create a list of questions for free by searching online, and local businesses may be willing to donate prizes. Online gift cards are a good option because you can email them to the winners after the quiz.

You can raise money by charging a small quiz entry fee.

Run an Online Workshop

If you’re looking for one of the easiest online fundraising ideas for nonprofits, running an online workshop could be for you. If you’re a great chef, then why not teach attendees how to make a delicious meal? Or, perhaps you’re handy with tools and could show people how to build a birdhouse.

You can then ask people to pay whatever they think is a good amount in exchange for your knowledge.

Run a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Event

Asking your network to fundraise on your behalf can be a powerful way to generate cash for your cause. People can contact others through their social media accounts and explain why they are asking for a donation. You can use peer-to-peer fundraising platforms to streamline the process.

Keep Adding to Your Online Fundraising Ideas List

There is an unlimited amount of great online fundraising ideas you can use so people will never get tired of attending your events. Ask others for their suggestions, and encourage attendees to give feedback for each activity they take part in. You can then determine which events are most popular so you can run them more often.

Before long, people will be asking you when you’re hosting your next exciting online fundraiser!

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