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8 Effective Ways to Lower Your Business Utility Costs

Looking to save money on your business utility bills?

If you’re running an office, energy bills can quickly skyrocket and end up costing you a fortune every month.

But is there a way that you can quickly lower your utility bills starting today?

Well, we’ve got your back. In this article, you’ll learn 8 proven methods of reducing your business electricity bills fast.


1. Switch Supplier

If you feel you are paying too much for your business energy bills, the first thing you should do is run a comparison with other companies. This will help you see who can provide you the cheapest deal on your energy.

There are many price comparison sites online that can help you find the best deals within minutes.

2. Audit

To really save money on your energy bills, you need to find out what using the most energy in your office. To do this efficiently, you need to perform an energy audit to see where you can use energy more efficiently.

Once your audit is done, you’ll be able to see where you stand in terms of efficiency and what you need to do to lower your energy costs.

3. Switch off Equipment at Night

When you are running an office full of equipment, it can be difficult to remember to switch them off at the end of the working day.

If you have 50 members of staff leaving their computers on overnight, that will cost you hundreds of dollars extra per year in energy.

4. Consider Solar Power

If you are looking for a longer-term project, solar power can help you save an incredible amount over the lifetime of your business. Being able to generate your own energy will mean you will not use as much energy from your supplier.

Eventually, you may even become completely self-sufficient.

5. Switch to LED Lighting

Switching to energy-efficient LED lighting can dramatically reduce your energy bills. A standard lightbulb used over an 8 hour working day can cost you $17.52. Whereas an LED lightbulbs will only cost you $2.92 per year.

6. Use Laptops

You may not know this, however, laptop computers use considerably less energy than desktop computers. This makes laptops the far cheaper alternative when it comes to energy.

Although this is expensive upfront, it will end up saving you money with your energy bills in the long run.

7. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats have a wide range of features that help you save money. These features include mobile and web apps that analyze your energy usage, motions sensors that know when people are present, and so much more.

Have a smart thermostat will allow you to set and forget the programming and have your thermostat save you energy where it feels it can.

8. Avoid “Phantom Energy”

Phantom energy is energy that is being used by any equipment in your office that is plugged in but not being used by a staff member.

A great way of managing this is to have several devices connect to power strips which will allow you to turn off multiple devices with one switch.

Want More Information on Business Utility Costs?

We hope this article has given you a clearer idea of how to save money on your business utility bills. We know that paying too much on small business utility costs can be frustrating, so we hope these simple steps have helped.

Did you find the answers you were looking for? If so, check out some more articles on energy-saving tips and eco-friendly business on our website.

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