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Adobe Flash Player Beta Update Comes With New Purpose


Adobe Flash Player Debugger is actually a content fixer and at the same time a troubleshooter both for Flash and for the Flex project. Its job here is to analyze, to collect and to log any error that appears in the development process.

Is it different?

The Debugger is in fact different than the standard version. One of the most important differences is the fact that it addresses mainly developers. Naturally, it doesn’t fit a home use, and it’s not just a recommendation people make for nothing. Truth is that there can be some really serious consequences if you don’t know what you’re doing, for example it can slow down the playback speed and even make the browsing unresponsive.

This is happening because the tool is designed with the purpose of gathering information during the playback process. Its goal is to create reports and to fix the issues that might appear and cause the content behave abnormally.

Two versions

The Adobe Flash Player Debugger comes in two different versions. One is the ActiveX control found inside browsers, while the other is an independent one wearing the name The Projector. The latter is being used outside the browser, but at the same time it’s useful for inside Flash development platforms, such as the Flash Professional or Flash Builder.

Even so, most often developers choose to make use of the first version. It is indeed more popular because of its simple architecture which doesn’t require a complex debugger. Despite the fact that the Active X One uses a lighter installer, it has quite a complicated deployment process.

There can even be some issues that can appear when the Flash Player is also installed on the system. In this case you cannot install the Debugger, so first you have to remove the player with the help of Adobe Uninstaller.

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