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Android Security Improvement – 5 Best Free Apps


Here’s our top 5 security apps that are currently available for Android.

Today, you have tones of apps to boost your security, and most of them are easy to use and they won’t eat tons of resources. Check out 5 of the best.

  1. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is an anti theft service that should be working on every Google Android device if it has access to Google Play Store. Once you activate it from Google Settings in your device’s settings menu, you can go to the ADM’s website and do all kinds of things, including locating and wiping your device, setting off an alarm so you’ll be able to find it and more.

  1. DuckDuckGo Search and Stories

This one has made a great reputation in the privacy and security realm. It’s a search engine very similar to Bing, Google and Yahoo, and the greatest thing about it is that it doesn’t track your search history. You can wave goodbye to worries about a company looking what you have searched for. Usually, it’s not added in the lists of security apps, but it’s great for searching things in privacy.

  1. GlassWire

GalssWire is one of the newest security apps, and it lets you check out what apps are consuming your beloved data through a live graph. This is a pretty great way of seeing how much data is used by each one of your apps. It’s also useful in case you need to see some strange activity that may take place in the background.

  1. Reslio Sync

This app allows you to create your very own cloud storage and the computer version will turn your everyday computer into a real cloud storage server. You’ll be able to use this app in order to access your files and it’s quite similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. It’s great for sensitive data and also for sensitive users who don’t trust online cloud storage.

  1. Ghostery Browser

This is one of the best browsers, and it’s quite similar with DuckDuckGo. It shows you ad networks and trackers employed by every website, and you have the option of turning them off. This is a great security app for those users who want to browse the Internet in privacy.

Which security app do you prefer?

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