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Appsolute Success: 5 Ways to Make Your Mobile App More Successful

Apps are big money today, but how do you make yours successful? More than 6,000 mobile apps launched on Google Play Store every single day in 2018, so how do you make yours stand out?

Try these top tips to achieve mobile app success!


1. Solve a Problem

The core purpose of a mobile app is to solve a problem for its users. Creating your app requires planning and technical execution. These should always aim at creating a solution for your audience.

For example, there are apps that help you boil eggs, calculate your calorie intake, recover from addiction, track your funds, or just have some fun. Find your unique angle and solve a problem for a specific demographic to make your app successful.

2. Stand Out

With millions of apps, it’s hard to find your spot under the sun. That is why you have to stand out by being excellent and offer targeted benefits to your chosen demographic. Users are more likely to pick an app that feels more personal and relevant to them.

So, identify your audience and make sure they can find you online. Depending on your demographic, you might have to target forums, social media, Youtube, or even individual blogs for that to happen.

3. Smart Marketing

App marketing does not end with a download, and targeting online outlets is only half the game. Your marketing needs to ensure that downloads actually mean active users. For that reason, you need to design your campaigns to sort your audience before each download.

You might also need to incorporate active marketing elements in your app design as well. If you need help in promoting your app, check out Cook Communications for a full range of marketing communications services.

4. Focus on Doing One Thing Great

Apps that try to solve many problems fail. To succeed, focus on a single service and do it great. Focused apps with a streamlined interface and intuitive use enjoy the most success.

Define the problem you are trying to solve with your app and focus all your design efforts on doing just that. Avoid the temptation to add extra features that will dilute your app’s purpose. These will diminish its perceived value and attract negative reviews.

Remember that when it comes to app design, more is not always better.

5. Offer Offline Mobile App Functionality

Finally, you should make sure that your app offers offline functionality. Unless your app requires a real-time connection for your core service, you should take steps to ensure it is usable without an internet connection.

Offline functionality is a huge selling point as it improves the user experience. The more app features your users can access offline, the more positive reviews and downloads your app will get.

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