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What Is an It Consultant? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for ways to streamline and upgrade your business operations? Do you wonder if your current cybersecurity protocols are enough to keep you safe?

Every year, American businesses spend more than $650 billion on IT consulting services. They’re looking for insights about data storage, technology, and security.

So what is an IT consultant? How do they differ from full-time IT employees or outsourced IT experts?

In this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what to expect from IT consulting and how it could benefit your company.


What Is an IT Consultant?

The first thing to know about IT consulting is that you don’t have to replace your IT person. Whether you outsource your IT support or have someone in-house, you don’t have to change that working relationship.

IT consultants are experts who can help you see the bigger picture. While an employee might be tasked with updating your software, an IT consultant can help you decide whether you need to invest in new software.

Employees and outsourced experts will work to keep your data safe, but they might not know about new cloud storage solutions.

IT consultants are valuable because they can help you train staff on new equipment or software. They provide an outsider’s perspective on your efficiency and productivity as well.

Managing Threats to Your Data

What does an IT consultant do first? The first thing you should ask them to do is to perform a security audit. You need to know if your sensitive data is secured.

Next, talk to your consultant about your biggest fix. What have you been delaying that you can’t put off anymore?

Do you need to digitize your client records? Or do you need new security protocols to eliminate employee access to certain files?

The problem with data breaches is that you might not notice right away. The average breach takes 100 days to show up, enough time for your clients’ data to be misused and re-sold.

Having a second set of eyes is great for business. An IT consultant is trained to handle data breaches and can help you set up a more secure, cloud-based storage system.

Finding the Right Consultant for Your Business

When you’re looking for a successful consultant to help your business, you should always ask for success stories. Can they provide customer testimonials or proof of their work?

Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to confine your search to local candidates. Check for consultants with good reputations in larger cities.

You may be able to negotiate a good price for remote services and just have them come on-site about once per quarter.

What is an IT consultant? It’s an experienced professional who can help you re-train, re-focus, and renew your business. Even if you’re struggling a bit, having an outside consultant can drive expansion and attract new business.

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