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ASM Certification: How to Become an Advanced Scrum Master

If you’re looking to take your career in business to the next level, credentialing your skills can be hugely important. Candidates that are attractive to companies use certifications to prove their ability with various skills. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what the ASM Certification is and how to get it. Becoming an advanced scrum master will demonstrate your project management ability to potential employers. Whether it’s in a product manager role, developer position, or something else entirely, this certification can help you move onwards and upwards. 


Before the ASM Certification: What is a CSM?

Before you can become an Advanced Scrum Master, you’ll first have to achieve Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Doing that first requires a very solid, fundamental understanding of scrum.

When you boil it down, scrum is one of the driving principles behind the agile project management framework. It takes the form of a process framework that’s particularly useful when managing large, iterative, complex projects (like software development). The scrum framework enables you to develop a project management cycle comprised of feature development, feature review, backlog completion, and feature release.

To become a scrum master, one has to first complete the most basic of the scrum certifications. This requires attendance at a SAFe two-day course taught by a scrum master. Cost of such a course typically ranges up to $1,000.

Once you’ve completed the course, you can take an online exam. Correctly answering 60% of the questions will award you with the basic certificate.

Moving Up to an ASM Course

After attaining CSM, it’s time to move up to ASM, or Advanced Scrum Master. Moving on to Advanced Scrum Master again requires class attendance, this time at an ASM course, where you can learn this SAFe methodology.

This course is where you’ll continue to delve deep into scrum master concepts. You’ll learn about the different scrum roles your team has, how to manage backlogs, the components of an efficiently-ran meeting, and much more. Another piece of the puzzle you’ll absorb as you learn to master SAFe is reporting and assessments.

After all, it’s not sufficient simply to implement scrum methodology. Having a good way to assess your performance with scrum is crucial for you to know that you’re implementing it correctly.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll take another test to prove your knowledge. Successful passing of the test awards you the certificate.

Why is the Class Necessary?

Many of other certifications out there you can leverage to level up your career don’t require a class component. The SAFe scrum master certification is different, however. You may not like the idea of in-person classes, but the interaction with your fellow students remains critical to successfully absorbing all of the concepts you’ll be taught.

The in-person classes will give you the opportunity to practice running meetings, taking reports, and applying the concepts you’ve learned to sample projects. 

Achieve ASM This Year

Now that you know how to get your ASM certification, all that remains is for you to move forward and take advantage of many SAFe classes available around the world! 

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