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Beat the Grind: 4 Apps That Will Make You Happier at Work

Over 50% people say they are unhappy at work.

That’s not surprising given the fact that every meme about heading to work on Monday tends to show something deeply dark or depressing.

From 9 am Monday meetings and having to work late on Friday to rude bosses and incompetent colleagues, work can really suck sometimes.

Check out these happiness apps designs to specifically make your day that little bit better.


Happiness Apps Are Worth It

There is endless research supporting that positive thinking and having a better mindset does wonders for our mental health.

Of course, you can’t be positive all the times, but having help now and then can make it easier to see the light in the dark, late-night-at-the-office moments.

1. Calm

When you feel your blood beginning to boil there’s nothing better than taking some time to cool off.

Calm is an app that was created to help you in these moments no matter how short on time you are. It offers guided meditation from anywhere between three and twenty-five minutes making it perfect for short breaks at your desk or longer ones during lunch.

It also features multiple stories and talks on a wide range of topics from mindfulness at work to focus and concentration.

2. Happify

Using research surrounding positive psychology, Happify makes it easier to overcome negative thoughts and start feeling better.

It doesn’t just throw happy thoughts at you, it has a range of activities, quizzes, and games to help you build self-confidence and cope with stress. This means that as negative things happen you are better equipped to deal with them.

3. Headspace

Similar to Calm, headspace helps you with meditation and mindfulness.

The difference is that it helps teach complete beginners from the ground up meaning if you’re new to meditation you won’t “overdo it” and stop trying.

Meditation is a habit that takes time to build but the benefits have been proven over and over again.

4. Great Work Great Career

Of course being more positive and emotionally strong will only get you so far in the workplace. Sometimes you need to “play the game” and take steps to get more out of your job.

That’s why we’re recommended Great Work Great Career. Created by business thinker Stephen Covey, it has a range of tools to help you define, develop and grow your skill set.

Being better at your job comes with rewards and personal satisfaction that can make going in to work that little bit easier.

Get Started

By reading this article you are already making steps in the right direction to better yourself.

Combining some of the happiness apps above will be the next great step to finding fulfillment at work and feeling better every day.

And don’t think like you’re the only one trying to improve things at work. Companies like BambooHR are creating employee nps software to help organizations listen to their employees and help improve working conditions.

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