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Best Business Apps to Skyrocket your Startup Success

Startups have the odds stacked against them. The best way to ease into the experience of entrepreneurship is by forming a set of solid resources.

Aside from a certified public accountant and attorney, you can also add an array of business apps to your arsenal. Here are the top business apps you’ll need to guarantee startup success. 



Being organized is the key to startup success during the conception phase of opening a business. While you brainstorm and navigate new relationships, you’ll need a way to track your thoughts on the go.

Download the Evernote app to track bits and pieces of information as you research. You can add tags to this information so it’s easier to find later on.

Evernote also allows you to condense information, add pictures or audio and other related data. This app’s best feature is creating to-do lists and holding all your contacts.

It even stores tweets, emails, and journal entries that you want to have on hand. Evernote isn’t free, but it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring an actual admin. 

There’s a free version with limited capabilities and a premium version that costs around $12 each month for every user. If you have a business partner, Evernote allows you to collaborate so everyone is on the same page going into exploratory meetings. 


Wunderlist list is the app you use when you need to quickly make lists to organize your startup business. It can hold an endless list of tasks for you to share with your team or investors.

Think of Wunderlist as the ultimate brainstorming tool. Share you categories or delegate list creation to others to quickly get projects off the ground.

The app has a deadline management feature where you can create subtasks, add notes and program reminders for anyone on the team. There’s a small fee per month to use Wunderlist for business. 



Procrastination is the enemy of entrepreneurs. Not being able to get your act together in time for presentations can make or break your ability to secure the partners you need to succeed.

One way to prevent idle time is to download RescueTime. It’s the ultimate digital distraction blocker. RescueTime keeps you accountable during the day so you don’t lose hours to Facebook or online shopping.

It’ll create reports on where your time is spent during the day by application. The app is a useful tool for setting your productivity goals and sticking to them.

In the premium version, you can even block sites that are your biggest time wasters and set notifications. These notifications act as a timer that alerts you when you’ve spent too much time on unnecessary tasks. 

If you’ve got a problem with procrastination, you won’t be able to launch your startup without an app like RescueTime. 



It’s been said that when owning a business it’s either feast or famine. During times when everything seems to be going well, you might find yourself overwhelmed with growing pains.

Having an app like Basecamp in place helps you control communication with your team so nothing gets lost in the chaos. Startup success is built on being able to pivot quickly when things don’t go as plan.

Getting your team on a group communication tool is the easiest and most organized way to track changes or problems as they arise. Chat within the projects you create, add attachments or create checklists within your group communication.

The app allows you to track progress as you use workflow calendars to make sure everyone is on the same page. The only thing mising from Basecamp is the option for budgeting.

You’ll have to use separate spreadsheets to know how much you’ve spent on a project and to do your financial reporting. 


When you’re just starting your business, accepting payments in a streamlined way should be your top priority. Even if you don’t do any point-of-sale purchases, it’s important to have a system that can handle credit card transactions and create financial reports with ease.

The main benefit of Square is having the option for both point-of-sale and online payments all in one. This gives entrepreneurs flexibility as they take their sales to the next level. 

Square offers a free credit card reader that plugs into a smartphone or tablet. Swipe credit cards or take manual payments over the phone when customers make a purchase. There’s a small fee comparable to major payment systems.

Instead of a monthly fee, you pay 2.75 percent for point of sale transactions and 3.5 percent for manual payments. Your customers can also choose mobile perks like receiving a text or email receipts since one won’t be printed.


JSA Builder

Use the JSABuilder to ensure your startup business remains compliant with OSHA regulations. JSA online tracks Job Safety Analysis and allows you to share the information around your organization.

JSA is also called a Job Hazard Analysis or Activity Hazard Analysis. This tool is a must-have in any industrial or warehouse setting where employees will deal with heavy machinery. 

You can customize your experience so that each user can share their JSA together online. Use an online reference library for quick file retrieval for any files you archive. 

Startup Success with Apps

Business apps can help ensure your startup success or at least get you closer to your goals. The key to running a successful startup is managing many moving parts with ease.

Organizational tools help you to track your progress in real-time taking away surprises that can’t be reversed. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates. 


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