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Best Free Android Anti-Malware Apps for a Better Protection


Antivirus applications remain one of the most downloaded types of applications made available for the Android. It is still debatable if these applications are actually needed for phones. Normally, you do not require this sort of application if you stay safe and do not access compromised websites. Sticking to downloading from the Play Store, and keeping security settings enabled are generally simple tips to follow. But if you are looking for a viable anti-malware or antivirus software for your Android then there are some very good ones available.

360 Security antivirus

Arguably, the most popular of antivirus security applications is the 360 Security. It is currently scored at 10 million ratings, with an average of 4.6 overall score, and 100 million downloads. The application itself comes shipped with an extensive array of features, which include scanning capabilities for malware, application and games scanner, real-time protection, and even an anti-theft system. It also has a cleaner and booster service, but this feature isn’t exactly the most efficient one it has. What is very useful is the fact that you can password lock all applications on your device so that no one can snoop in them. With all these features included, it is good to know that the application has no price-tag.

Avira Antivirus Security

This is a relatively new entry in the antivirus market but it’s one that is quickly increasing in popularity. It has all the basic capabilities that an antivirus requires, like device scanning, protection, and even the possibility to scan the external SDs. As far as modern features go, it has a Stagefright Advisor to help you. There are also privacy features built-in, anti-theft, blacklisting systems and an admin feature. It is a somewhat heavy application, but not one that is difficult to navigate. It is worth trying as it is free, with an option to pay for a yearly subscription.

AVAST Mobile Security

As the name suggests, this application comes from Avast, a recognized antivirus for the PC market. It is one of the well-known and trusted applications on Android, with a 100 million installations and almost 4 million reviews with an average of 4.5 rating overall in the Google Play store. It has the usual device scanning capabilities, application scanning and a strong real-time protection system. The antivirus database is ever being updated to prevent the newest threats to your security. You can also remote lock your device if you lose it.
Avast is certainly one of the heavy antivirus applications available and the features that are available provide a quite sturdy experience for the user. If you upgrade to the pro version via payment, you will be able to benefit from features such as, remote data recovery, geo-fencing, ad detection, remote SMS, and application locking. This is not a light software and as such, it needs some tweaking and looking into for using.

AVG AntiVirus Security

Another well-known antivirus from the PC market which has made a foothold on the mobile one is AVG AntiVirus Security. It has over 100 million downloads as of this date and a respectable rating number of 4.4 in the Play Store. AVG is one of the lighter options compared to its counterparts and it includes device scanning, real-time protection and consistent virus database updates. Somewhat strange of an option that one can find in AVG is the task killer, which could be considered a bit pointless but it is there if needed. It has remote device data wiping, anti-theft and monitoring of storage, data usage and battery. The interface available for the application is very user-friendly one and paid subscribers also receive the feature for locking application, as well as, call and message blocking.

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