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Beware: There Is No Lucky Patcher 8.0.0 or 7.5.0 So Check Closely


Lucky Patcher is designed for those who like to tinker with their apps. In short, it’s for those who are not satisfied with certain app permissions or the presence of ads. Since its operation is somewhat on the questionable side, there’s a good reason it’s not to be found on the Google Play Store.

Yes, Lucky Patcher is available through an APK – preferably through their site. And since APKs can be available anywhere, it’s best to inform you to be aware about the current version.

As of this writing, the latest Lucky Patcher version is 7.2.9. Now, you may have seen some resources advertising a version 7.5.0 or a version 8.0.0. Please don’t be tricked by those as the original version is still a long time away from reaching those version numbers.


Why are there different versions?

This is quite a complicated question to answer but a short way to do it is that the Android system allows it to happen. You can create the same app but have multiple build variants.

A build variant is similar to the base app but with slight differences. For example, the base app can be provided for free but one of its variants requires payment because it features more.

Build variants can also be created for different platforms. For example, there’s an app for Android and another for the iOS platform.

Which variant should you download?

Finding a reliable resource is both a pleasure and a pain when it comes to downloading APKs. The obvious best source is the actual makers of the app, and a simple Google search can lead you to their site.

In the absence of official sites, you can go to trusted Android blogs for information. They can always lead you to reliable repositories.

The makers of Lucky Patcher have an official site where you can check on the latest version, as well as see previous iterations of the app. Their website should be your first resource whenever you hear rumors about a new version.

Where can you get Lucky Patcher?

There is an official site where you can download an APK of the current version. An APK functions very much like a Windows installer. So if you’re familiar with any Windows system, you won’t be confused with the APK installation process at all.

Since Lucky Patcher can only be installed through an APK, you have to enable Unknown Sources on your phone prior to installing the app. Simply go to Settings then tick the Unknown Sources box. Once everything is done, don’t forget to disable Unknown Sources.

This is the procedure you have to do every time you download and install an app that is not available in the Google Play Store. Although you can leave the Unknown Sources box ticked, it is recommended that you disable it after every APK installation.

What are the system requirements for Lucky Patcher?

To install Lucky Patcher on your phone successfully, you need to be running Android 2.3 or higher. The latest version, as of this writing, is version 7.2.9. Surely higher versions will come but this is the latest for now.

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