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Brand Recognition: The Role of Business Cards

Approximately 27 billion business cards get printed daily. This is a significant statistic, given that digital trends have made other printed business materials virtually obsolete. That’s because these 3.5″ x 2″ cards represent more than a traditional way to exchange contact information.

Company business cards are often the first point of contact a person has with your company. It provides a great opportunity to showcase your brand and make a good first impression.

Make this exchange count. Read on to find out why business cards are still an important marketing tool and how you can make yours stand out.


Why Company Business Cards Are Still Important

Electronic business cards are a new digital trend that many thought would replace the traditional business card. But physical business cards continue to withstand the test of time since their invention in the 15th century. They have become a ‘tried and true method to provide a potential customer with your contact information.

Here are a few other reasons they still play an important role in today’s business world.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity encompasses all the elements that visually represent your company. It includes your company’s logo, design, and brand colors. Despite its seemingly diminutive size, a business card introduces your brand to potential customers. It’s often the first step in creating brand recognition.

It’s Professional

Presenting your business card to a potential customer shows that you’re serious about doing business with them. It’s the easiest way to exchange contact details when networking. You don’t have to worry about someone losing the random piece of paper where they wrote your number or forgetting what name they saved it under on their phone.

It Has Meaning

If you do business internationally, in certain cultures, the exchange of business cards is a symbolic gesture and a sign of respect. The quality of your card is also believed to represent how you do business and how you conduct yourself.

Making the Right Impression

Your business card should reflect the image you want to portray for yourself and your business. Make sure you include all the elements of a good business card, such as:

  • High-quality paper stock
  • Easy-to-read, appropriate font
  • A shape that reflects your product or services and helps it to stand out
  • The strategic placement of your logo
  • Well-designed layout

You must find a printing service that can ensure your card has all these elements and print your cards well. There are many printing companies available that can help with your card design. Choose one that can do the job right the first time, like They can customize your cards to suit your needs.

The Cards That Play Well For Any Business

Digital communication has introduced the electronic or virtual business card. This allows the online exchange of contact details. However, despite this new digital trend, company business cards still play a significant role in today’s corporate world.

It could be because their exchange has become a traditional part of doing business. Business cards also still hold great significance in many cultures. Whatever the reason, make sure your company card stands out.

Choose a printing company that can get it right the first time, and that can solidify your brand identity with potential customers. For more tips on ways to elevate your brand check out our Business Section.

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