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Did You Know Who Created GBWhatsApp? Here’s What You Need To Know


You might have already heard about GBWhatsApp, but many of you haven’t used it yet. Yet many still didn’t know who created it and what is it all about. Well basically, it is just an app that has a simple logic that everyone has already been using.


How does GBWhatsApp work?

If you are using more than one mobile number, you can make use of the dual SIM features in many smartphones nowadays. With this advantage, dual SIM mobile devices have an edge over other devices having only a single SIM slot.

This is how GBWhatsApp works, as users can add a couple of accounts on the same smartphone. Thus, you will be able to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in only 1 smartphone. Surely, many people have more than a single WhatsApp account. This will be a good reason to download GBWhatsApp.

But, who would make such an app to accommodate users having more than 1 WhatsApp account?

Who is the creator of GBWhatsApp?

Many people are wondering who created GBWhatsApp. Well, the creator of GBWhatsApp can be found in the GBWhatsApp website named The person who commonly found posting about the most recent versions of the app goes by the name of Omar. You can also catch him on his Twitter account at, which he claims to be from Daraa, Syria.

Where to download GBWhatsApp?

There are many download sources for GBWhatsApp, but you can’t find it in the Google Play Store. So, you have to enable the Unknown Sources option to be able to install third-party apps. Just as you would on any app you download away from the official Android repository, you can also apply on GBWhatsApp.

However, before you install GBWhatsApp on your Android mobile device, you should have WhatsApp installed. Then, in the process of installing GBWhatsApp, you will be prompted to Agree and Continue. Just don’t forget to disable the Unknown Sources option from the Settings -> Security to avoid allowing malware to get into your system.

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