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[Download] Viber Messenger APK Update With Three New Features


Remember the days when the internet wasn’t around, and people had to pay large sums of money to make phone calls? Well, times have changed and apps like Viber Messenger are allowing smartphone owners to place calls, send messages, share pictures and many more entirely for free! The only thing that this messenger requires is a stable internet connection.

Viber Messenger

Connecting with family members and friends has never been easier! Viber is equipped with numerous features which make it possible for users to get in voice calls, live video chats or just text with anyone they want. Viber Messenger users can simply take a contact from their phone book or just enter a phone number and that person will automatically be added to Viber.

Viber Messenger APK Update

Nonetheless, the reason we are talking about Viber Messenger today is because a new APK update for it has just been published. This update is exclusive to the Android ecosystem and it can be downloaded right now, for free! We need to mention that this is a major update and it introduces three new features. Therefore, Viber Messenger users should hurry up and download it.

New Features

The first feature that’s being introduced by this update gives users the ability to create broadcast lists. These lists can be used to send the same message to multiple contacts privately. The second feature makes it easier for users to respond to messages in groups by simply long pressing on them. This is a great feature since responding to individual contacts in active group chats is quite difficult.

One of the coolest features that Viber Messenger is equipped with is text to emoji translatation. This feature makes conversations more interesting. However, a brand-new feature adds emoji to sticker translation.

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