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[Download] WhatsApp Update with Live Location Feature


The Facebook-owned instant messaging app has recently released a new feature: Live location. This location sharing feature has been recently added by most messaging service apps, including Facebook’s messenger and Telegram.

Learn to use the new Live Location sharing feature

Those who want to use the feature need to go to WhatsApp and open a contact or a group chat. The next step is to tap on the attachment icon and find the Live Location field, next to the other usual ones: Camera, Gallery, Audio, Documents and more. Users can also select the amount of time for which the location will be shared live.

A fun fact is that if the users of a group chat share their locations simultaneously, their live whereabouts will be shared on the map at the same time. The feature can be downloaded for both iOS and Android running device.

A fun, yet controversial feature

The new Live Location feature allows people to track someone’s whereabouts for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. Some people are not that excited for the apparition of this new feature since they can no longer hide where they have been. It will also put an end to traditional excuses such as getting stuck in traffic or pulling an all-nighter at work.

The new feature will make live easier to jealous spouses, overly protective parents, demanding bosses or creepy stalkers.

However, location sharing has become such a common feature across all SNS: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more. WhatsApp has done nothing extra; it just adjusted to the new technological norms. This could also mean an end to secure encryption.

Many critics condemn the person behind this idea, some are grateful the feature exists. All in all, the new feature is a double edged sword.

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