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Employee Hiring Checklist: Key Qualities to Look For in New Employees

With an unemployment rate hovering at around 4-percent, competition for employees is at an all-time high. How to hire the best employees is sometimes challenging; it takes time and dedication to hire the right employee. 

You must create a checklist for hiring employees that include mental flexibility, proactive, and enthusiasm. You want to hire skilled employees, so your business runs smoothly and doesn’t cost you productivity.

Here’s what to look for when hiring the best job candidates.


A Checklist for Hiring Employees Begins With Mental Flexibility

As an essential quality in new employees, mental flexibility is a crucial attribute you want. You want someone to adapt to how your company does things and be open to new ideas. 

As your business changes and grows, hiring flexible, skilled employees mean they can take on new opportunities and responsibilities. A changing business environment means revenues may dip in one area and grow in another area. Being flexible means reshaping your business model to stay viable and relevant. 

Read more here about what is mental flexibility when you hire the right employee.

Being Proactive

Being proactive is one of the essential qualities in new employees to make your business stand out. 

When employees are proactive, they go above and beyond the call of duty. A proactive employee does more than they are asked. Hiring the right employee who is proactive sees a problem and fixes it without help. 

Someone who is proactive is always thinking about the future, how things will work better, and what needs fixing to accomplish those goals. 


Hiring the best job candidate should include someone with a lot of enthusiasm.

Enthusiastic employees come to the table excited about everything and have a ‘can-do’ attitude. Hiring the right employee with enthusiasm means an employee who is always positive. Other employees will feed off their energy. 

Team Player

Working in teams is essential in any workforce. When looking at how to hire the best employees, ask about your future employees’ team projects. How did they fare?

Conclusion: a team player will contribute good ideas to any project and look for ways to improve it. A good employee will also bring unique contributions to any team project based on their skill set and background. 

A positive team player will also get better results from the other team members. 

Create a Checklist for Hiring Employees 

Create a checklist for hiring employees by brainstorming the qualities you want to make your business a success. Mental flexibility, being proactive, having enthusiasm, and being a team player are great qualities to look for when hiring an employee.

Having the right people as part of your business is vital. A quality workforce helps productivity and overall growth. Blow away the right staff by making the right hiring choices!

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