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Firefox 57 Update Download Available With New Search Bar and Fixes


According to reports the upcoming Firefox version 57 will hide its search bar and instead it will use one singular input bar that will be found on top of the browser window. In other words, this is similar to the search bar that’s currently found in the Google Chrome browser.

Keep in mind that this change will be brought by the Firefox version 57, which will be released on November 14, 2017 by Mozilla. However, the developers from Mozilla are not removing the search bar altogether, but instead it will hide this UI element by default. The users can always re-enable the search bar by going to Firefox’s Preferences->Search->Search Bar and choose the second option. It seems that Mozilla has decided that the Firefox search bar is somehow useless, as the URL address bar is able to perform most of browser’s features.

We remind you that Google Chrome was actually the first browser that used a singular bar. In fact, Google has combined the address and search bars together in the Chrome browser.

Firefox 57: More Changes

Firefox 57 will not come only with the changes regarding the search bar. It seems that the new version of the browser will stop supporting add-ons that have built on its legacy Add-ons API. In other words, only the add-ons that have been built with the newer WebExtensions API will work in Firefox 57.

We remind you that back in 2016, Mozilla has made an official announcement where it has confirmed that it will drop its proprietary Flash and PDF plugin implementation and use the ones that have been developed by the Chrome team. By doing this, Mozilla has reduced the costs for its Firefox browser, but there were many users who didn’t like that the company is adding more and more Chromium code to their favorite browser.

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