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Get That Coin Sis: Your Complete Guide on How to Get Paid as a Freelancer

In 2019, 5.7 million Americans in the United States were freelancing full-time. This number grows each year and freelancers now make 35% of the U.S. workforce. The number of freelancers in the world is even higher, which calls for easy, fast, and affordable payment methods.

If you’re just starting out in freelancing, you need to research the payment methods available to you. This will help you get paid faster, avoid high fees, and keep your clients happy.

Keep reading to learn how to get paid as a freelancer, find the best option for your business, and be your own boss.


Electronic Funds Transfer

This is one of the easiest and most affordable freelance payment methods for both parties. The client transfers the money directly to the freelancer’s bank account electronically, so there are no intermediaries or software taking a cut.

The transfer usually takes 2-5 business days, after which you can use or withdraw the money immediately. For this method to work, you should talk to your bank and make sure they can accommodate these transfers.


PayPal is the most popular method for receiving freelance payments because it’s fast, easy, and free to set up. However, it has its drawbacks in the form of high fees, freezing funds, and limited availability.

Before you start using PayPal for freelance work, make sure to understand how it works as well as the annual fees involved. Use a pay stub maker to create paystubs for yourself so you keep track of your finances at all times.

Xoom (A PayPal Product)

Xoom is an online payment processing system created by PayPal that lets you receive money from clients in minutes. It works similarly to remote money transfer companies and you can receive the money in your bank account, pick them up in cash at partner locations, or have them delivered to your door.

It usually takes 2-3 business days for the money to arrive and the fees are manageable, making Xoom one of the best upcoming freelancer payment options. 


Payoneer is the best payment method for freelancers from countries where PayPal is not available. The payment processing period is quicker than PayPal and the transaction and currency exchange fees are lower. 

You can receive money in multiple currencies and transfer them directly to your bank account. You also get a Payoneer card that you can use as a regular debit card to make purchases.


TransferWise is an online payment system that companies use to pay freelancers globally. The money travels from one account to the other, so there are no border-crossing fees. 

On the other hand, TransferWise only transfers money in your country’s official currency, and the exchange rate fees are mandatory. Processing times vary depending on your country, but it typically takes 3-5 days to complete a transaction.

Now You Know How to Get Paid as a Freelancer

Now that you know how to get paid as a freelancer, it’s time to up your game and start making money!

Before you start billing clients, make sure you choose the best payment method for your business so you can receive funds without obstacles.

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