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Google Assistant vs. Siri vs. Bixby – Best Features and Improvements Comparison


2017 seems to be the year of the virtual reality and virtual assistants. Truth be told, there is indeed a tight competition between the virtual assistants available out there on various devices and from different companies. To the old rivalry between the Apple Siri and the Google Assistant we now see Samsung entering the game with their new Bixby. But which one is better?

Common Features

Naturally, belonging to the same category of assistants means that the three of them also offer some common features. For example, all of them offer voice search, text search, contextual information, reminders and Smart Home. As a trigger, you get a dedicated button with Bixby, while for the other two you have hot words, such as “Hey Siri” and “OK Google”.

Main Differences

One important difference is the fact that Bixby is trying to catch up on the market by implementing camera search, a feature that is not available on the other two assistants. At the same time, Siri does not offer info cards like Bixby and Google Asisstant. While Siri and Google Assistant do offer third-party apps, Bixby only supports them.

One point of decision here is the number of languages they support. If you’re not living in the United States, then this might be truly important to you. For now, Bixby only supports two languages, but we have the promise of more to come. Meanwhile, Siri supports 21 languages, while the Google Assistant is available in 40 languages for voice search and 5 for Assistant Voice.

Last but not least, all of them are useful if you want to implement them within a smart home. They have been tested with various other products and the results have been quite satisfying, so if you plan to turn your home into a smart one, then you know you can rely on either of them.

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