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Google Earth Pro Features – Adding Your Own Image, Start Up Walking Tours and More


Many people have discovered recently the advantages of Google Earth Pro. However, if you’re not one of these people, then it might help you to have a look at the following list of tips and tricks to see how useful this product can be.

Adding Your Own Image

There is more than one way to add a photo from your PC to the app. You have to insert a picture as being a separate object. Then you will see it quite differently on Google Earth, it will look as if they float on the surface. Moreover, you can create folders in the My Places section if you want to organize projects, photos or Placemarks.

Use Historical Imagery

The Historical Imagery tool is extremely useful when you use it in the right way. This lets you see the changes in a particular landscape in time, or viewing the progress of a cleanup process. One example is the World Trade Center terror attack which took place in 2001. As such, you can search a certain landmark and see the changes that happened in months or years, including catastrophes.

Start Up Walking Tours

With the help of the direction tool, you can navigate in an easy and efficient manner from one spot to another with any means: by foot, public transport, by car, with a bicycle and so on. This lets you start up a walking route that connects at least 3 Placemarks. You can even add some GIS data instead of converting the shape files into KML.

Solving Legal Issues

You might not have thought about this before, but Google Earth Pro can be really useful when solving property ownership issues. You can use parcel data stored on it, which defines property boundaries, and thus clarify whatever conflict you may have with your neighbors, for instance.

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