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Google Earth Pro Latest Update Brings Wide Array of Features


As everyone might already know, things are always changing in the app world. Developers keep on releasing new updates in order to enhance their app’s functionality and to increase overall security levels. This is the reason why apps should always be kept up to date. For example, Google recently updated its Earth Pro app with a bunch of feature such as high-resolution printing.

Today we’re going to cover all the new features that have been included in Google Earth Pro in order to showcase the importance of downloading Google’s latest update. Readers should know that they can simply download the Google Earth Pro installer on their own and the app will update by itself. However, the Google Earth Pro 6.0 version will not be supported anymore.

We should mention that once Google Earth Pro reaches the 7.1.5 version, Earth Pro users will be required to acquire an official license. On the bright side though, it’s fairly easy to get access to a license. All that Earth Pro users are required to do is to use their email address and the following catchphrase “GEPFREE”.

High Resolution Printing

The app will now give users the ability to print pictures of the planet in high resolutions that go up to 4800 x 3200 pixels.

Information Update

Google’s latest update packs the app with incremental information about a wide range of demographics such as parcels and even traffic count.

Movie Editing

The latest version of Google Earth Pro now allows users to transfer movies in Windows Media and Quicktime HD. Even better, the movie resolution will remain full HD (1920 x 1080p).


Readers that use Google Earth Pro for architectural or engineering purposes should be happy to know that they will finally be able to take advanced measurements. The app now features the necessary tools that allow users to measure parking lots, polygonal areas and so on.

Google never fails to amaze when it comes to updates. The Android parent knows that Earth Pro has a large fan base and it’s doing its best in order to provide them with additional features that enhance the app’s functionalities. We can be sure that Earth Pro is scheduled to receive even more updates during the upcoming future.

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