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Google Maps 9.52.1 Update Download Available with Fixes and Improvements



Google Maps is very popular on both desktop and mobile platforms. Today we will talk about the Google Maps application that’s available on Android OS. Whether you visit a foreign city or you travel a lot by car, Google Maps is a great application that you can use to not get lost.

The application comes with much information such as bus stations, hotels, restaurants that are around you and it also comes with a re-routing feature in case the traffic ahead is awful. At the same time, if you visit Rome or any popular city in the world, you will notice that the local transportation is integrated into the application.

This means that Google Maps will guide you to get to the subway/bus station and it will tell you what subway or bus you need to take in order to reach your destination. This is great, especially if you plan to go to a town where you want to visit many locations.

The latest Google Maps version is 9.52.1 and it can already be downloaded and installed on your Android device. The installation file has a size of 27.32MB, which means that it is only 0.30MB larger than the previous version of the application. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any new feature or option, but it fixes some of the issues that the developers have found in the previous versions of the application.

We remind you that one of the latest features that were added to Google Maps is allowing you to find a parking spot nearby you and your destination. This is awesome, especially if you are visiting a crowded city where it is pretty hard to find a free spot. At the same time, the application will save the spot where you’ve parked the car, making your life easier when you want to get back to it.

Google Maps 9.52.1: How To Install On Your Android Device

  • Open the Google Play Store;
  • Search for Google Maps 9.52.1;
  • Tap “INSTALL” or “UPDATE” and wait for the installation to complete.

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