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Google Maps vs. Waze – Popularity, Navigation Modes for Cars and Public Transport


Ever since being acquired by Google in 2013, the Israeli navigation app Waze has quickly become a favorite for drivers worldwide. The app can be very advantageous, especially for those of us who drive around a lot during the day, and especially during rush hours. And, on top of offering the fastest alternative route, the app also has accident and police alerts that are updated in real time by users. In fact, you yourself can contribute with such information to the Waze community, and your input gets added on the map instantly. So what does the app have that Google Maps doesn’t? Just why is Waze so popular?

Main Features: Waze

On Waze, you can:

  • Send your ETA to your friends so they know when you’re coming over or picking them up.
  • Search for the most price-friendly gas station on your route.
  • Integrate with the app’s social network and send live traffic updates just like other users.
  • Add voice navigation narrated by various celebrities, such as everyone’s favorite narrator Morgan Freeman, and many others.
  • Find out just how many traffic jams are predicted during your day, according to your saved routes and commutes.

Main Features: Google Maps

Google Maps can offer:

  • Different navigation modes for cars, public transport, bikes or pedestrians.
  • Offline mode, where you can download the app offline and use it regardless if you’re connected to the Internet or not.
  • Data tracking and saving over time.
  • Live traffic alerts straight to your notifications panel.
  • Business hours included for various establishments; this means that, if you schedule a trip to a place, it will let you know if you will make it on time to find it open or not.
  • Additional integration with Google Street View.

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