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Google Play Store Comes with A New Design


Google is always looking to improve and releases new designs to see how people react. Not all of them make it to the final versions of apps, but the feedback helps the corporation stay top of the line. Now, Google is trying out a new design for Google Play Store.

New design for Play Store

It appears that the new design would change the scrollable bubble format to icons. It is unknown if the icons are also scrollable. This new feature is not available to everyone as it is just a test.

Last year Google tested a refresh to the UI search. The change put the primary app in that particular search in the center front and it brought quick links from which the app could have been downloaded.

The last update released for Play Store in terms of design, back in March, Google Play Store was showing screenshots and videos associated with the listing of the app. This would make downloading an app easier and faster.

Google Play Store

The app is advertised by Google as a planetary store all in one place. The digital distribution platform is the official store for the Android OS and its biggest competition is the App store.

Google Play Store offers music, magazines, movies, TV programs, books and other digital media. The Main Google Play services were redesigned in April of last year: Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Play Games & Apps, Play Books and Newsstand. Some apps can be downloaded for free while some have a fixed price. Google Play Store sometimes offers discounts for games and apps or during a certain amount of time users can download them for free. Recently that was the case with several apps and some popular games.

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